Healing with Food: Bone Broth
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There are only a few foods that have stood the test of time for their properties for healing and renewing the body – As you already know, I have talked about the power of bone …

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The “Body” aspect of the trinity of Mind, Body & Spirit required for healing and reaching your goals


The “Mind” aspect of the mind, body & spirit trinity required for healing and reaching your goals


The “Spirit” aspect of the trinity of Mind, Body & Spirit required for healing and reaching your goals

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How to Reduce Stomach Acid – Instant Results
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ways to reduce stomach acid

The stomach acid has always been attacked by western medicine – and for good apparent reason – that it starts damaging the body when it leaks into places it should not be going.

There are powerful medicines that pharmaceutical companies have made to reduce stomach acid – but the problem is, they will damage your digestion, and will not actually solve the problem you are having.

If you came onto this article by looking for a cure for acid reflux, or heartburn, then you have come to the right place – but you have to understand, that acid reflux occurs when the Esophagus (in the picture above) is too loose, or when the stomach itself tightens up due to stress (you don’t always notice the tightness) – sometimes chest pains in the middle of the stomach also occur and this is also the diaphragm tightening up and causing acid reflux and all kinds of problems (sometimes even breathing problems).

If you are looking for ways to naturally reduce stomach acid, then the best way is to use foods to reduce the stomach acid, rather than using pills that may harm you.

The best foods to reduce stomach acid, and rebuild any damaged areas in the stomach lining (which could be worsening the pain), you must consume a lean red meat diet without any carbohydrates, sugar or fat – this means have a big juicy steak (with fat mostly cut out) and wait – you will see the pain will instantly disappear as you start eating.

To accompany your red meat diet, you should have leafy greens like spinach with it – ideally it should be steamed, to make it easier to digest.

What the red meat does (better than white meat in this case) is that it absorbs the stomach acid, and also allows the stomach some time to renew itself (regenerate the damaged areas that are hurting you, including the Esophagus).

How long should you be on this diet?

As long as it takes to heal the pains that you are going through.

What foods to avoid when suffering from high stomach acid problems: 

Don’t eat sugars and carbs – they will only aggravate the problem and make it worse.

On a side note, if you have chest pains with this problem, your diaphragm is being tightened due to your stress – and you should do exercises that help this region, from stomach exercises, as well as running, jogging and skipping. This should be done everyday for at least 3 weeks.

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