Chemicals Everywhere – One Solution
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When every single grain of soil is contaminated with arsenic, mercury and toxic chemicals from all kinds of pesticides – on top of that, we have genetically modified food and apparent chemtrails in the air …

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The “Body” aspect of the trinity of Mind, Body & Spirit required for healing and reaching your goals


The “Mind” aspect of the mind, body & spirit trinity required for healing and reaching your goals


The “Spirit” aspect of the trinity of Mind, Body & Spirit required for healing and reaching your goals

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What Causes Low Blood Sugar – Symptoms and Treatment
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what causes low blood sugar

What causes low blood sugar levels and what are signs to tell you have this problem – symptoms can be different for some, but if you have a few of the ones listed, then you might have low blood sugar problems:

- Mood fluctuations

- Constant Thirst and unable to quench thirst even after drinking water or juice

- Dizziness or nausea coming from time to time

- Strong urges to eat (this is extreme urges, sometimes even jaw pain and mouth pain occurs)

- Breathing shallow and not being able to breath deeply

- Unable to think as clearly as you could (this is not always easily noticeable as its a steady decline)

- Hair thinning (this is as a side effect from being so tense and hormones fluctuate along with it)

- Many other tell tale signs like sweating and being very nervous

If you are trying to self diagnose online, please don’t – this is just for guiding the ones who know who have low blood sugar levels – checking with a doctor will greatly help as they have a simple and quick test to do this.

What causes low blood sugar in a person?

This is developed over time usually, and is often from eating too much sugar based foods and damaging the body’s ability to handle sugar. This does not always mean sugar as in chocolate or white sugar – it can even be fruits, rice and carbohydrates of all kinds including bread. Our bodies are simply not going to take such a huge about of carb/sugar/fat intake, and when this happens over years, it results in low blood sugar as the body simply cannot take it anymore.


Natural Treatment for Low Blood Sugar Levels - Lots of small meals instead of 3 meals a day, but one thing most people don’t understand is, to cure the problem you actually need to avoid sugar, carbohydrates and fats. 

Wait – did we just say avoid sugar and fats for someone with low blood sugar in the first place?

Yes, the body is sick of taking too much sugar (sugar in this case means carbohydrates, fats and natural or unnatural sugar) – and the only way to effectively and fully recover from it, even at an older age, is to go on a pure protein diet. What this does is allow the body to recover from too much sugar intake, and rebuild itself.

The diet involves you eating lean meats (chicken, beef, lamb and white fish, not Salmon fish however) along with leafy greens like spinach and kale (steamed not raw) – going on this diet for just 2 weeks will already stop all eating addictions and make you dislike any food that is not good for you – but to recover from a low blood sugar that took years to develop, you need to be on this diet for long term (6 months to 18 months) – not only will you recover from low blood sugar, all the pains and nervousness will vanish, and you will look at least 5 years younger with better skin and hair to go with that.

Many western doctors say to eat sugar many times a day, but this is a grave mistake, and will not resolve and cure the problem – this is commonly thought as a fix, but it is a very primitive way of dealing with a problem.







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33 Ways to Naturally Stimulate Hair Growth
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Secrets of the Salt Baths
Tue, 7/10/14 – 17:29 | No Comment

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