Inflammation: Root of the Aging Process


Inflammation has been known for a long time, but still many people do not understand it – so let us first explain what on earth is inflammation, and what does it do to the human body?

Inflammation as commonly understood as “reddening” of the skin surface – but this is not entirely accurate, as inflammation can still be present even if there is no reddening, often called cold inflammation, which cannot be seen or felt (usually inside the body rather than on the surface of the skin).

Inflammation is already understood to be the root cause of most diseases, let alone the fact that it is what takes a large percentage of control in the aging process and how we age – if you can control inflammation, or reduce greatly, you control your aging process and how you look and feel when you are much older, including how thick your hair grows, as our older article talks about – the picture below shows an example of inflammation for heart disease.



So how do you control or stop inflammation naturally?

Inflammation feeds off from sugar – sugar being defined as natural sugar (fruits), processed sugar (the one you use for your coffee and tea), fats (animals and non-animal fats) and carbohydrates (pasta, rice, bread etc) – so for inflammation to even occur, it needs food from the above sources to even start to a large extent.

A diet control in this can definitely help as we talked about in the protein diet article and how it can renew your body and hormones.

The other important factor to take into consideration is – exercise. Only recently inflammation and exercise have a link – if you exercise, then inflammation is reduced – but you didn’t need a study to prove that – it’s common sense – if you move, there is less fats and sugar in the body wondering around on what to do, they just get used up with the movement, and also increased blood circulation which gets rids of the toxins that cause inflammation (sugar becomes toxins when it is at an unhealthy high level). The article here explains how exercise and inflammation are linked and what studies have been done.

Does this mean you have to stay on the protein diet forever?

Not really – the problem only is that you have been in the sugar diet for so long, that you have to do the opposite for some time (from 3 months to 2 years) to correct that imbalance and allow the body time and nutrients to repair itself – if you are a vegetarian, and have inflammation problems, you should consider going on a meat based protein diet until you are better – for the purpose of medicine and healing, it is okay to do this if you have tried and nothing else is working.

What other things can one do to stop inflammation?

The other things you can do to help stop and reduce inflammation are things like massage (which helps improve circulation) – exercise (As already mentioned), epsom salt baths once a month or if foot baths then daily.

You can also take a pain-killer like aspirin once a day to help this – I know it is strange that we recommend a pharmaceutical capsule in a natural healing blog, but this capsule’s ingredients were discovered through a plant – and in this time and age, this will help inflammation – so don’t try to ride out the pain when you are in pain, or know that you have inflammation (most likely you do if you don’t exercise and eat clean diet as well as detox regularly).

Acid Reflux Causes and Natural Cure (Powerful)



Acid reflux is more of a modern man’s problem – as you cannot really get it, if you aren’t stressed enough; for a long enough term. It starts with the diaphragm tightening up, sometimes chest tightness, and occasional acid reflux, and then increased acid reflux.

Although we don’t recommend self diagnosis on the internet – so if you stumbled on this article for the sake of self diagnosis, please don’t – always rely on a professional eastern medical doctor or a western medical doctor – as they have studied this fully – that said, if you know you suffer from acid reflux, and want a natural solution – there actually is one, and one that works from the first day!

Causes of acid reflux are not over-production of acid, as many seem to think – it is the acid leaking up to the esophagus, which then hurts it and burns. Sometimes this can be worsened if your diaphragm is tight (and shallow breathing), as well as constipation or gassy stomach (bloating) – which pushes the stomach upwards, and may squeeze acid upwards.

What is the best way to stop acid reflux you say?

Acid production is an important part of your health – so taking prescription pills to stop acid production is the worst thing you can do – the most natural way to help this condition is eating more meat – and avoiding all and every carb and fat for a few days totally – you will see, not only will your ulcer disappear and heal, but your acid reflux will also go.

Do not mix carbs and meat together either – this will make it worse (improve stomach health with bone soup article)- so go out and do  BBQ with lean meats, like beef steaks or chicken or whatever – but avoid fatty parts of meat as they do not help – you also have to avoid all sugars, natural or otherwise, for a small amount of time (1 to 3 months at least).

isolated raw beefsteak



Why does meat cure acid reflux? What does it do?

Meat is the one ingredient or food, that requires acidity in the stomach to be high, for it to digest – but not only that – if consuming meat for a period of time, it also allows repair of the intestinal wall, and esophagus itself (as it gets a break from being constantly hit by acid) – it is similar to how fasting works, but you are providing proteins whilst reducing acidity naturally and only temporarily, to directly heal the stomach.

UPDATE (November 2015): If you have been suffering from acid reflux, you are more prone to hair thinning problems – please read this article to help you work on this aspect as well.

Eastern (Holistic) Medicine vs Western Medicine

east vs west

There is a war going on between western and eastern medicine – but there shouldn’t be – let’s go through it step by step.

Western approach to medicine is often looking at an object and cutting it up, and seeing whats inside to see what it does – and to understand it that way – to some extent, we understand things this way, and it helps (for some things) – but if you are trying to understand your friend’s problem, would you cut him up to see what’s inside? or talk to him and find out what he?she has to say?

Sometimes some thing make sense at first glance – but to understand things, it is important to take it to an extreme to really understand what is going on.

For example – conventional science is based on results and “proof” – and without this, there is nothing credible. This entirely limits a person’s view on life and how it works, IF this is adopted as the only approach – instead, it should be part of an approach, not the only approach.

Example below of scientific approach being flawed:

Fish in tank water – scientist wants to know if fish can survive without water if water is slowly taken out over long period of time; they slowly take 1 teaspoon of water out every week or so – and when the water is barely left, conclude that the fish has learnt to survive with less water, and looks like it will eventually learn to survive without water.

We all know what happens when you take away the last few amounts of water remaining in the tank – but according to science, it will be concluded that fish can eventually survive without a fish tank if water is taken out slowly.

This does not mean science is wrong – it means we must understand it’s limitations and be conscious of other possibilities and ways of calculations, including holistic approaches that are out there – even holistic approaches have limitations, each their own – for example, acupuncture is a type of holistic approach, but its limitation depends greatly on the practitioner and their knowledge.

The topic of acupuncture is so wide, and with so many approaches, one practitioner can be 100% different from another – hence it is difficult to regulate, although steps are being made to regulate such a system, it is very difficult to do so, as there are many ways to the top of the mountain; just like that, there are many ways to cure a human being from their misalignment, each way has its limitations or expenses or time frames – this should be consciously understood.

Please share this post if you find it helpful – it is intended to create awareness of all respectable medical systems, and all have their positions in society (western and eastern), and both will play a major part in evolving our individual health as well as global health.


“medicine is taking away suffering” – Unknown



Yoga vs Cardio vs Weight Training – Which is the most Effective for Health and Beauty?

Yoga vs Cardio vs Weight Training

With so many types of workouts out there – a person can get confused on how to choose for what benefit, and if one is more effective for beauty (that youthful glow) or one is more effective for weight loss – very few people understand the differences clearly  to make the decision – here it is:

Yoga vs Qigong – Both these types of exercises are the same, even the sub types from Hatha Yoga, kundalini Yoga and all forms of Qigong have the same intention behind them; which is to exercise the internal body; although it still exercises the external structure of the body (you can lose weight and get physically stronger from it), the duration of holding the postures (longer duration,the better, and the more difficult or painful, the better) plays a vital role in your results – some yoga is easier, some is harder.

If done regularly and often enough – you can experience the youthful glow from these kind of exercises – but as explained, the duration and intensity of these are the key factor in determining your results.

Cardio vs Weights – These are exercises target muscles and aerobic health. Weights can help in keeping the muscle structure strong (if done right, and not done for the sole intention of building muscle mass, as this limits blood circulation over time) – Cardio works on heart and the circulation of the body – both very important to stay happy, mentally clear, emotionally stable and beautiful skin and hair.

Cardio and weights are great to boost the body and if done right- for poor circulation problems, or a lot of emotional problems (emotional trauma, heart break and emotionally stressful situations), cardio is the best bet; being as breathless from these exercises is important; and if you are a smoker, then these are even more important to keep up doing regularly to help clear your lungs – if you have hair loss, or thinning hair of any kind, then cardio is a must, as explained in our older but powerful article on 10 ways to thicken hair naturally.

If you have hormone problems which don’t resolve so easily, then some light weights regularly combined with cardio will help a lot – you will also see the youthful glow from this combination as well as adding Qigong or Yoga into the mix.

So which one is the best for beauty and has the best effects for everything?

There is no such thing that one is better – as each one targets different aspects of the body, all of them are required for being healthy to some varying degrees, but if you had to pick, then Yoga/Qigong combined with Cardio will cover all aspects the body needs – weights is not necessary, but done regularly can help boost the body and surprise it from the same workouts – surprising the body this way is important, because if you do the same exercises at the same intensity, then you aren’t really gaining much benefit at all.

You have to figure out what suits you best – if you are drawn towards Yoga, this does not mean you should do Yoga – maybe you hate cardio, and this is something you really need – emotionally basing a decision like this is not a good idea, because usually the body doesn’t like what it needs (especially when its not in its best state) – so for example, you love weight training, but you don’t do cardio – this is a clear sign you must do cardio

In general, most people should always do cardio, and combine it with any of the others – because cardio is what keeps the circulation going to all areas of the body and keeps the heart stress down (even if you don’t feel your heart stressed, it is still accumulating stress from everyday situations) – so it is vital to have cardio – even if it is brisk walking as fast as possible until you are breathless or swimming for 20 minutes constantly.

Remember to make sure you have the correct diet – the right diet for a beautiful youthful glow (for men and women) is in our articles on hormones and renewal.