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Having been a health seeker since a very young age, I tried so many supplements from so many companies, and the truth is, most supplements that exist out there, you don’t really need, and they could actually hurt you on long term use. Using even supplements known for great benefits can also hurt you, if not used the right way or taken too much.

This is why I recommend Biodrux – (via

They produce, the most powerful, yet the most gentle mixtures of herbs in the world.

I hate hyping up companies; and you know that if you read my articles here on humancure – but Biodrux is a unique company because they have scientist backing on the combination of top medical scientists working with the top eastern medicine scientists, together, to produce the most powerful results you will ever see from a supplement company.

I have used all their products (except, of course, the women only products hehe) – and each one does a unique and powerful thing to my body. Here is a summary of what I felt:

Tao Salt: This is the most powerful detox thing you can ever eat – you can practice all the yoga and colon cleanse you want, but nothing beats tao salt on cleansing the body from a cellular level and upwards. I think sharper, need less sleep (because I sleep so deep). This salt does not increase blood pressure the way normal table salt does, and is very safe, however you should still consult with Biodrux on your condition for them to help you choose what is ideal for you.

Bioprin: This is a mixture of herbs to stop inflammation of all kinds. Mixing this with Vitilin is a great idea to rejuvenate your whole body. Inflammation always is present in the body to some extent, and reducing it, allows the body to rejuvenate like never before.

Vitilin: I felt I sleep much deeper after taking it and sleeping. I recommend taking 1 pill about 30-45 minutes before bed, and it makes you sleep deep. In case your wondering, Tao salt does a similar thing, and I did not take both of them at the same time, so I know what herb mixture did what – over a period of one year.

Noagin: This is the most powerful anti-oxidant system you will ever find. I never noticed psychical changes from a supplement, but this really does make your eyes look brighter and sharper. Long term use of this is ideal.

If you have questions about any of my reviews here, I regularly buy from them, so do not hesitate to ask me, and I will be more than happy to help. Their products are pretty expensive compared to average supplements, but what do you expect when they work so powerfully? I wish they were cheaper, so I can buy a lot more, but I am glad that they exist, as no other company is able to replicate their products.



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