10 Ways to Naturally Thicken your Hair!


The best way to naturally thicken hair is doing things as part of a regime – this must be understood. The aim is of this article is to illustrate to you, that targeting your overall body health is the key factor here – and that a regime specifically designed for hair growth, combined with some products, oils, and scalp massage, will do wonders for getting thicker hair.

IMPORTANT UPDATE (July 2017) – From old studies on the causes of hair loss in men and women, we have found that inflammation to be a key factor which actually makes hair fall off; so if you are a man with hair loss, chances are you have high DHT which then causes inflammation to your scalp which then causes hair loss – the inflammation is the keyword, not DHT – so if you are a women, with hair thinning, then your hormone or stress levels are causing your inflammation – use the holistic health regime from below – but also do 2 extra things:

Massage Scalp everyday before bed for at least 20 minutes a day (yes really!) – You can use a scalp massager machine, or finger tips, but consistency is what gets results (results can mean, stopped hair loss to new hair regrowth depending on various factors).

Use the Taoist Soap to help stop Hair loss (found here: www.Taoistsoap.com and allow your body to regenerate hair by itself (if you make the right conditions, you will regrow hair – the myth about hair being lost once gone is nonsensical, because the body is constantly replicating itself and renewing itself, the right conditions allows it to renew whatever that needs to be renewed!) – this soap helps stop inflammation, and is a great tool to assist in this – that said, do the regime below, to get powerful renewal of the body (including hair).

1. Aerobics to Increase Hair growth rate by 40%

cardio for thickening hair growth


An intense jogging routine where you jog 3-4 times a week – will increase detox, increase circulation and break down fat within organs – this in turn will produce better hormones, balanced hormones that help hair growth.

Increased circulation is the main objective here. If the body is not being taken care of, over time, circulation decreases, and hair is the first to go; capillaries are the thinnest blood vessels, and can easily stop/reduce circulation if aerobic activity is not maintained – the human body is actually not designed to stay sitting for more than 30 minutes, anywhere!

Even Eastern Medical books, talk about how lack of circulation is the cause of almost all disease and illness – it shows a lot when you think of it on the grand scale of things.

2. Herbs and Vitamins – Increase hair growth thickness by 30% with just herbs

herbs ginseng for hair growth

There are a few natural remedies that you can use to thicken your hair naturally – they are as follows:

NIACINThis is a powerful vitamin that is already present in the body. The best thing about this is that it increases blood circulation to the “edges” of your body (especially areas which have blocked circulation) – including scalp. It is important to understand that Niacin produces a flush effect on the body – this is when the blood is forced to enter capillaries in the skin and scalp and you start to feel warm. Some people buy the “non-flush” version, but this version does NOT WORK – avoiding the flush is avoiding circulation going into your capillaries – flushing IS the medicinal effect you need.

Depending on your condition, you can take it for up to 18 months and should see positive results. It helps detox your scalp from plaque built up in the capillaries, thus allowing free blood circulation to your hair and skin.

Bonus: Try to start with 50mg Niacin dosage, and after two weeks, take double the amount, daily – please be aware that this may give you a flush, and this is a good sign that it is working. If you don’t get a flush, keep increasing dosage after every week by 100 mg; whatever you do, do not buy non-flushing type, as this is not effective and is dangerous for the liver and kidney.

B-Complex – Most illnesses and misalignments in the human body today, occur from one thing – STRESS! You heard it before, and I am repeating myself because this is important. Stress levels in the whole world have increased – Whilst good levels of stress is healthy, and needed for any life form to grow, extreme amounts of it will cause disease – see study here on stress and disease.

Due to the mind body connection, when stressed, your body produces stress hormones, which if released over long periods of time, damages the body; first thing to go are secondary processes in the body, like hair (as it’s not vital for the body to survive).

Not only that, but stress tightens the scalp region (have you ever seen a stressed out mom’s facial muscles?) – this reduces blood circulation, and overtime, will affect the skin and hair as well as organs in that area. Taking B-Complex vitamins enables the body to not only better cope with stress, but also upgrades the body’s nervous system, that normal stressful situations, don’t seem bad anymore; allowing you to make better decisions and staying mentally and physically healthy at the same time (that’s way more than 2 birds than one stone!).

Note that they are a little more expensive than normal supplements – this is the general rule you need to follow when buying B-Complex; the higher priced B-Complex contain better quality B Vitamins that are easier to absorb by the body – whatever you do, don’t buy the cheapest ones – the brand recommended is a trusted brand, I use them personally and tested them.


2a. Oils for Thickening New Hair Growth – Fastest Result Rate

scalp massage for hair growth

There are very few oils that can actually even help with hair growth – they do talk about all the popular oils like castor oil, olive oil and such, but these are not good for long term use, and will bring short term results as they lose potency after production – most manufacturers do not understand this, so most oils produced are not as effective for conditions like thinning hair.

The only oil that we have found that is very effective, and that holds the right amount of potency to help with the hair growth process and stopping inflammation is called the Immortal’s Oil – they deliver worldwide – the oil can last a very long time so ordering just 2-3 bottles will be enough if you are really serious about hair growth. 

Using the Immortal’s Oil for daily scalp massage is one of the best and fastest ways to getting improved quality hair, thicker and faster growth as well – it’s also used by people who are trying to grow longer hair and their hair isn’t growing past a certain length.

Coconut oil is also a great oil for using – but daily use of this will cause drying of the scalp, so only use this twice a month maximum.


2b. Eat Antioxidant Rich Foods for protecting Hair roots from Inflammation

The direct reason of hair actually falling out of the hair follicle is solely due to inflammation of the hair follicle (caused by DHT) – Many people attempt to resolve this problem by attempting to reduce DHT, and this does not always solve it, nor is the right method of resolving such a problem. The problem should be resolved by stopping inflammation to even occur and this can be done by three ways:

Eating foods high in antioxidants; highest on your list should be Spinach and Kale (in their raw form). They contain zeaxanthin, a very powerful antioxidant that will stop inflammation from occurring. Eat a handful with every meal.

Reducing or completely stopping high sugar intake; by stopping sugar and high carb intake, you are literally taking away the food that inflammation feeds from; this includes white sugar, brown sugar, all forms of breads and rice. Yes, this is not easy; but how badly do you want to regrow or thicken your hair, and improve your overall health? You can systematically reduce sugars from your diet, by taking them as a once a day treat, then reducing them further to once a week, to once a month.

– Supplementation on powerful super-antioxidants; Astaxanthin is a red pigmented super-antioxidant that is found in marine life. It actually has the ability to completely restore a cell’s health if taken in enough quantities (4mg 1-6 times a day).

The other super-antioxidant is Zeaxanthin, which was mentioned above (found in Spinach and Kale). It is best to take this with Spinach for highest absorption rate (and best value for your money).

See this article on the aging process of hair, and how they grey prematurely and the main cause of this is oxidation (which antioxidants resolve if you eat and supplement from them).


3. Throw away chemical based shampoos

Throw away your current shampoo and conditioner bottles; they are most likely filled with hair killing chemicals. Go for all natural shampoo with only a few natural ingredients. Its best to buy a few different bottles to see which one best suits your hair. Beware of companies advertising as all natural, but hiding the ingredients in some legal form or another.

I suggest if you can afford the best of the best around, to use the Taoist soap as your new antiinflammatory tool- it will help detox your skin, and allow your hair follicles on your scalp, to rejuvenation and help regrow hair – don’t worry, it will not grow hair on places there shouldn’t be hair.  The way it works is simply by allowing increased blood circulation (and stopping inflammation) as well as advanced yet gentle detox – combine this with a daily hair massage regime, you have a master hair re-growth plan!

It is hard to find companies that are actually selling products that are genuine – so I cannot say enough on how powerful the Taoist handmade soap really is – you have to try it for yourself. Best part is, you don’t have to use it everyday, and you still can incorporate it with other shampoos if you really wanted to – I personally use it once or twice a week, and this makes the soap very long lasting (at least 6 months!).

4. Drink Green tea to re-grow thicker hair

Drink green tea a few times a day (2-3 is optimal). It not only will refresh your skin but also support thicker hair growth. Green tea is great. In my experience, it has given me the most powerful results, when combined with other methods listed here. Consume green tea by taking it 2-3 times a day, for 2-3 weeks; and then stopping for 2-3 weeks.

Green tea breaks down fatty deposits in the vessels, helping break down plaque, in the whole body – including your scalp, which is one powerful way to help the scalp break down (your scalp massage will be easier, in terms of getting results).

5. Stop using hair dryers, gels and wax

If you are really serious about preventing any further hair loss and regrowing hair, I hope you will really consider doing this. It is vital that you stop putting in any chemicals in your hair that may be causing more damage than anything else. If you do have to use styling products, use water based natural wax; and only use very small amounts.

6. Stop Intake of Fat and deep fried foods – and fizzy drinks

Your arteries get clogged from years of abuse from over eating fat and deep fried foods (vegetable based oils); stop it. Don’t take any deep fried foods and avoid fats for at least 1 month. After that, you may occasionally have the foods on parties or dinners, but be very careful; ignoring this point can sabotage your hair re-growth – and overall health.

Replace your cooking oil with sesame based oil (non-toasted) or Grape seed oil. Cooking vegetable oil (including olive oil) are found to be more damaging when heated up – so keep them only for salad use, rather than use for cooking.

Another way to fight the damage already done, is to have days where you will not have any fried foods (Example: Monday, Wednesday and Tuesday you will leave out all fried foods).

7. Lose Weight to stop Hair loss

This one might have seemed obvious, but getting into shape and losing the excess fat will help unclogging your capillaries leading to increased circulation, which will greatly help in hair re-growth; especially if done with the rest of the activities listed here.

8.Relax and Stop Worrying

I cannot emphasize this enough; long term stress can cause so much damage to your body (Hair loss is just one of them). Many people are unaware of the fact that they are even stressed, simply because it’s an everyday thing. This can very dangerous as stress is a major contributor to many illnesses.

Take time out for yourself, doing what makes you most relaxed. Don’t feel guilty for doing this; after all, you are in your most resourceful state when you have taken care of yourself first, then in turn you can help others around.

If you believe in God, then I suggest to pray – as prayer is known to center the heart, better than anything – if that’s not your thing, then make genuine friends in life, keep away from other stressed people – I know it sounds harsh, but stressed people can rub their stressed habits onto you, and this won’t help your hair regrowth regime.

Another technique is to simply smile and take deep breath – even if you do not want to. A great teacher once told me, that even faking a smile makes the body think everything is okay, and it calms down and takes it easy – that’s why, in some cultures, even a smile is charity, as even seeing smiles makes you feel good inside (subliminally).

9. Reduce/Increase Sexual Activity (Balance)

Having regular sex is great for you – but is it really? For men, every time you have an orgasm, it releases huge amounts of energy. If this is abused (too much sexual activity, including masturbation), your body loses a lot of energy and therefore aging speeds up – hair loss, skin issues and later much more serious issues arise.

Why do you think men want to fall asleep right after sex? It is to the body’s attempt to replenish lost energy. This is a little tricky to explain – Men experiencing hair loss might need to look in their sexual activity – including masturbation – if you are having regular sex, it would be a good idea to think about practicing celibacy – This does not necessarily mean no sex forever – just means practicing holding back and reducing sexual activity for some periods of time.

For example reducing sex to once a week to once a month for a few months – and then moderately coming back to it – but this does not mean you tell yourself you will remain celibate and only think about sex all day long, that IS NOT the correct way and you will only become frustrated.

That said – when you DO have sex, make sure it is quality sex, not just a quick release, it does no good for your body if you just focus on quick releases – quality sex is prolonged/enjoyed over a long period of time (30mins to an hour is healthy) – you feel the energy circulating all over your body, has a healing effect for men and women.

There is a lot more I can say about this – but this outline should help you understand the importance of sexual activity in relation to your overall health, including in your intention to thicken your hair growth, no matter what your stage of hair loss.



10. Massage your head to remove plaque from capillaries (Vital for regrowth)

Massage your scalp up to 12 times a day everyday to increase scalp circulation – This forces new capillaries to form, as well as unblock previously closed capillaries – allowing the hair follicles to rejuvenate and start producing hair – and eventually, thicker hair.

Of course, if 12 times a day is too much, then just do it before you sleep for at least 15-30 minutes – and then, in the morning, use the Taoist soap, and rub it deep into the scalp and leave it in for at least 3 minutes. You do not need to massage it with oil every time – in fact, doing it without the oils is just as good, especially when done regularly over a long period of time.

I also must add that taking care of your hair – or regrowing your hair MUST be looked at as an act of improving overall health – the healing must start from inside to be visible outside. Do not take this lightly as hair loss is a sign of worse things to come – dealing with it from such a perspective is the best method to thickening your hair AND improving overall health.



13. Practice the advanced yoga  secrets eBook to help remove plaque from your arteries and capillaries – but make sure your diet is clean (minimal fried foods, and no donuts, or french fries, ever!)

Download the eBook exclusive to Humancure.com on Advanced Yoga secrets which have never been released before. This was how yoga was meant to be practiced – and its designed to totally detox your entire system, allowing your body to function at its utmost best, giving your body more energy to restore and regrow your hair. Subscribe below and you will also receive free updates on hair regrowth and new techniques of hair regrowth. Remember, these are exclusive to Humancure.com – you will never find this information online elsewhere.



12. Heal your Digestive System for encouraging hair regrowth naturally

It has been known for years that your digestive system is the first line of defense, and a major part of your body’s immune system, if this is damaged, your body will focus on keeping that part of it alive, and leave out less important functions, such as hair and skin regeneration.

The chances are, that if you are on a western diet, which mixes your meat and carbs together during meals, the stomach loses its ability to absorb nutrients; so even if you are eating all the right foods, you may not be absorbing them.

The way to reset this is by adding Bone soup into your diet – as this is the most powerful soup you can make for regenerating your stomach.

There is a Chinese proverb used in acupuncture “if the stomach is at ease, so is the mind” – this is also an important aspect in Eastern medicine, and will be the best way to grow thicker hair naturally.