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What causes Cancer, and how to heal or prevent it?

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It is shocking how many people STILL do not know what causes cancer – and that a cure for it exists! (Only that we are not allowed to call it a cure – since it is not a patented drug made by the big pharmacy companies).

Cancer is simply caused by a cell becoming damaged and mutated by a free radical – a free radical is an atom missing an electron; this means it needs to steal another atom’s electron in order to become stable. This process can damage the actual DNA within healthy cells – so new cells that are created from the damaged cells are not healthy – if they multiply to a large number, it drains the body’s resources – which, if continued, may lead to death.

One must understand that there are hundreds of types of cancer – this is because DNA can be damaged in many types of ways and the mutated cells multiply further. What is worse, is that the already mutated cells, can also get further damaged/mutated and create a whole new type of cancer!

So, how do I heal myself from cancer?

Since free radicals are the ones that end up mutating the cell’s DNA – we have to target them by firstly changing our diets to foods that are rich in antioxidants – foods such as vegetables and fruits – fish and also eggs. A diet with no processed foods such as cereals, canned foods, most kinds of bread – these cause the highest amount of free radicals being released due to the nature of the chemicals added onto them.

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away…

The saying really is true in this case – except – it is apple seeds we are talking about. Some people have actually made a full recovery in 3-6 weeks from eating apple seeds as well as seeds from apricots. These seeds contain vitamin B-17 which is the one that has cancer reserving properties.

That said – Emotions also play a huge role in releasing free radicals. Negative feelings of stress and depression can cause the body chemistry to be altered; and suppress the immune system from being able to remove free radicals. Once again – there are countless stories where cancer sufferers have simply focused on laughing and being happy; who have made a full recovery – after all, don’t we have to be at our most resourceful state to be able to best overcome an obstacle? Being in a happy place mentally is your most resourceful state.

The other vital and possibly the most powerful ingredient to preventing and healing from cancer is Antioxidants as well as super-antioxidants.

Cellular Protection?

Antioxidants protect cells from oxygen damage – one of the causes of free radicals. Antioxidants also RESERVE damage that has already been done – if taken in high enough doses. The most powerful antioxidants are Super-Antioxidants – the most powerful super-antioxidant known are Astaxanthin and Zeaxanthan. These super-antioxidants come from shellfish, fish and other marine life – problem is, the quantity of antioxidants within them is too low to support healing of already damaged cells. That is why it is important to use a supplement – the most powerful dose of the supplements available today is from a product called “Noagin” – as the name suggests, it is also used for reversing physical signs of aging such as wrinkles and hair loss (Yes, wrinkles and hair loss are linked to cancer, solve the root cause, you solve them all). Noagin is produced by JBNI – a reputable natural herbal supplement company that has some projects tested at Harvard medical school – you can purchase Noagin for cheaper if you order from us – here.

You may find the video below informative – it repeats some of the information present in this article – but adds a good perspective of understanding cancer and how to heal from it.

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