3 Reasons to Stop Wearing Prescription Glasses and Contact Lenses


Reason 1: Prescription glasses do NOT solve the problem; if you were bleeding heavily, you will not take a morphine injection so you don’t feel pain, ignoring the bleeding altogether! This is the same with prescription glasses – they only stop you from seeing the warning signs, ie your eye muscles are weakening, do something about them!


Reason 2: Prescription glasses increase the near point stress that is associated with progression (Optometric Extension Program Foundation, May 1984); this leads to a steady decrease of vision.


Reason 3: When you look into the long distance, the muscles in your eyes pull tighter; and when you look at things up close, the eye muscles relax. Wearing glasses or contact lenses all the time will simply relax your eyes permanently. Your eye muscles don’t have to work (think what happens to your legs if your admitted to hospital and do not walk for 3 months).


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