3 Reasons Why, to Stop Worrying About your Facebook Picture

1 – Photogenic

Not everyone turns out good looking in pictures; this does not mean you actually look that way. Some people have a certain type of face, which suits camera lenses (which also vary in types) – you cannot compress human 4D (4th dimension) beauty into a 2D image without loss of accuracy, which brings me to my second point.

2 – Jumping Dimensions

If you actually believe that a photograph represents an accurate “image” of yourself, think again – you are compressing the 4th dimension (4D) that we live in, into the 2nd dimension! (2D) The result is similar, but not exact; you lose 2 dimenions worth of data that has to be compressed into the 2D picture! Why else do you think, when taking a picture of a beautiful sunset (or any scenery), it never seems to turn out the same way you saw it?

3 – You are seeing things that might not even exist!


Professional software and cameras can dramatically change someone’s appearance (body shape, skin texture etc), not to forget the proper lighting from certain angels and great make-up skills can transform a persons appearance on camera to give that “wow” effect (didn’t your mommy tell you not to believe everything you hear or see on T.V?).

Nothing wrong doing all the above (make-up, lighting etc), but it does not mean natural human beauty does not exist or only exists in some of us – I’m here to confirm to you, that physical natural beauty exists in every single human that exists and always has!

Scientists agree that when humans look for a partner, they look for the healthiest partner they can find (to make healthy babies!) – so simply by focusing on health – eating healthy, living a healthy lifestyle (mentally and physically), you are further enhancing your natural human beauty!

“…didn’t your mommy tell you not to believe everything you hear or see on T.V?”

Please share this post with all your family and friends to create awareness – sometimes just observing the barrier in front of you is enough to remove it.

This post is intended to spread awareness for those who might be suffering or going towards body disorders, such as BDD (Body dysmorphic disorder) – A condition where the suffer is obsessed with a perceived flaw in his or her body. I have personally witnessed young women complain about a certain part of their body saying it is disfigured when it was perfectly fine and balanced! This happens to men and women – so awareness on certain points above is essential.

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