5 Ways to Stop Ageing and Rejuvenate Your Cells


Approaching 25, many women start “feeling old” – Men approaching 40 are known to have a mid-life crisis – What most don’t realize, although they cannot physically stop the hands of time, you can physically stop the ageing of your cells which is done by reversing biological ageing.

1. Eat foods rich in Zeaxanthin and Astaxanthin

Spinach and Kale have both been found to contain the highest concentrations of Zeaxanthin, whilst microalgae, Salmon and Shrimps contain the highest concentrations of Astaxanthin.

If you have not heard of these Super-Antioxidants; its okay – Vitamins were only discovered 70 years ago – These super-antioxidants are also newly discovered – my personal experience with eating spinach has proven this, besides what other reputable health sites are saying:

“Astaxanthin and Zeaxanthin reverses toxic damage to your organs, skin and nervous system. Technically, it pauses aging beginning at the DNA molecular level” – Health Myths


2. Eat less Calories

Countless studies have been done in many different scenarios to prove that animals that eat lower calories live longer; besides, why else do you think the average women lives longer compared to the average man? They are always on some kind of calorie reduction diet thanks to our media industry (hehe I am half kidding here).

Another method of eating less calories is simply eating raw foods – which also has the added benefit of not being oxidized from the process of cooking; so the super-antioxidants you do take are even more effective as they have less work.



Fasting not only detoxifies your system, but it also activates human growth hormone release (HGH); this is the hormone that renews the whole body (from skin cells, to organ cells within the body).I heard that some Buddhist monks eat only in the morning, and don’t eat anything else until the next morning.


4.Take a Chill pill

Perfect nutrition and exercise is not going to be enough for reversing age – you need the “mind” aspect of the mind body & Spirit to work towards this as well – so if your eating and exercising perfectly, but worrying about your bills, or if you will pass your exams – sorry, but your still contributing towards your own destruction; anxiety, trauma & stress cause hormonal damage – hormones are what repair and renew the body, need I say more?

Maybe look into meditation?


5. Take long deep SLOW breaths


Its true – taking long, deep, slow breaths not only detoxifies your body (by activating the lymphatic system), but also reduces your heart rate; a reduced heart rate generally means a longer life.  Make sure to breath into your stomach, not into your chest – so your stomach is what expands and contracts, not your chest.

There is an old saying (I think from China or Korea) about being able to predict someone’s death just by the observing how they breath – it starts from stomach breathing (usually when you were a baby) goes up to chest breathing (chest expanding and contracting), and eventually your “breath” comes out of your body (death).



2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Stop Ageing and Rejuvenate Your Cells

  1. Hi,

    I like your blog very much. Particularly, your post on hair loss. I have never read anything as helpful as your tips – Thank you!

    I would like to register for your Yoga specials, but I can not enter my email for some reason. Please send them to me – thank you!

    Aging processes can also be prolongued by sports, particularly outdoors, where the body gets a lot of oxygen supply.

    Peace and smiles


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