What is the Best Serum for Hair Growth? Reviews and Ratings

There are a lot of hair growth serums on the market today – some work, some don’t and some actually can cause serious side effects if you aren’t careful with the ingredients list. This article is designed to help you make a decision on what hair growth serum is best for you.

What is a Hair Growth Serum?

A hair growth serum is a mixture of oils or liquids with the intention to help hair growth; at least that is how they are marketed to the public.

Some hair growth serums try to provide hair nutrients for hair growth, some try to stop the root cause of hair thinning to prevent further hair fall or hair loss, and some try to artificially enhance hair to make it appear thicker.

Are Serums Good for Hair? and Hair growth?

The answer to this is yes and no – some serums can actually help support hair growth, and possibly regrow hair to an extent depending on your condition – whilst other serums can cause dangerous side effects and even cause hair loss.

How do Serum Work on Hair?

There are many ways a serum will work on hair – one way is artificial enhancement. Many companies do this and this does not actually help hair growth. It only works by expanding the hair shaft for a few hours after application, and makes hair seem thicker. The problem is, this can have serious side effects (see next heading for side effects).

The other way serums work, is by targeting inflammation in the scalp, as well as providing vital nutrients that can pass the walls of the scalp for the hair – this is not always possible, and some companies try to do this, but it does not always work – as some ingredients residue is too large to pass through the epithelial wall.

You have to decide what type of hair density you want – but be aware of side effects as well.

Hair Growth Serum Side Effects

Hair growth serum can have negative side effects if you choose the wrong one – or if you use it incorrectly.

The ones you need to worry about is the hair growth serum that tries to say it grows hair, or helps hair growth, but actually only artificially enhances hair growth – this is because those chemicals can actually increase inflammation in the scalp, and cause hair loss to speed up.

This is why we created our own reviews for hair growth serums, and listed the ones that do not cause this inflammation, and have no negative side effects.


There are various ingredients in hair growth serums from various companies – some do not disclose those, whilst some do due to laws in the country they were produced – some ingredients are great, whilst some are dangerous.

“Essential oils in serum are a big problem, they burn hair follicles – don’t buy serums with essential oils in them”

If the company is not showing ingredients clearly, it does not mean it is a negative thing – some companies need to protect the ingredients, and they cannot make it a patent due to using only natural ingredients (only artificial ingredients can be patented) – so do not think that this will always be a negative – but the good companies will allow you to contact them to ask if it contains an ingredient you may be allergic to – for example, if you are allergic to nuts, you can contact the company and tell them, and they will tell you if this is okay for you or not.

The best thing to make sure – if a serum contains essential oils, and boasts about it – stay away from it – essential oils will burn hair follicles and will prevent hair growth contrary to what everyone seems to say, they are a neurotoxin, and this causes damage to hair growth and increases inflammation – it can also cause headaches.


Hair Growth Serum Reviews

There are so many companies trying to sell a hair growth serum, we decided to review each serum and let you know if this is good for your condition or not – each serum has a target market, and they aren’t all equal, even if they all say hair growth serum, some actually are trying to artificially enhance hair, but not actually grow quality hair or longer hair.

Immortals Oil Review – Rated as the Number 1 Hair Growth Serum/Oil

Website: ImmortalsOil.com

This serum has been reviewed as the most effective serum for hair growth – we will update this post if this changes – all posts on humancure are constantly updated.

Whilst this is not labeled fully as a serum – it does come in the same category as this is a liquid that you apply on the scalp for preventing hair loss, as well as helping new hair growth – it is also for people looking to increase hair growth rate, and increase hair length at a faster rate.

This serum is also great for dry and damaged hair as it focuses on re-building the quality of hair – if you already have good hair, it will produce increase the rate of hair growth speed (so yes, you may complaint you have to go to the hair salon more often).

From the first hand study conducted as well as reviews gathers, this is the number one rated serum for hair growth and preventing hair loss, including increasing hair length at the fastest rate possible – but you need to know how to use it – which means you need to massage in the oil/serum, after application for a few minutes to really get to work.

We liked this aspect of the company – as they offered support to our users who were testing the product.

Well Grow Serum Review – Rated No.2 Hair Growth Serum

This is the next growth serum that we rated as one of the best – although we will always vouch for Immortals oil, the Well Grow Serum is rated highly because they focus also on hair growth and hair stimulation – whilst the results of before and after can vary, and probably depend on each individual trying it, it can possibly help with hair growth or at least providing the best nutrients to hair.

We won’t recommend only using a serum for hair growth however, and that a regime is always needed when you are trying to naturally help hair growth.

Hairgro Serum Review

Whilst the ingredients of this serum do have some history with hair loss and hair growth – this combination and topical application will not get any results in terms of hair growth.

Many companies seem to add a bunch of ingredients known for hair growth, and create a product – they usually rely on the marketing of the ingredient in question, instead of creating a product that works – whilst we aren’t saying that Hairgro Serum did this, but it is worth mentioning this as this is what it looks like.

Cake Hair Growth Serum Review

Cake hair growth serum contains essential oils which will burn hair follicles – so if you actually want to cause hair loss, then please go ahead and buy this – please do stay away from this, as this is probably the most harmful product we have come across in our reviewing history – and the only reason it is mentioned is for the safety of our readers.

Essential oils are often marketed for hair growth – the problem is – it’s a neurotoxin – so whilst it can seem to help in a few applications – regular use will actually cause the opposite effect due to the burning effect of essential oils (even if it is heavily diluted).

Kerastase Hair loss Serum Review

Kerastase hair loss serum is also one of those that target artificial hair growth – which means its not actually trying to keep hair healthy – it’s the opposite, as it contains ingredients in it that will increase inflammation.

People do seem to like the short term effects of Kerastase Serum, but we recommend that if you do use it, don’t use it daily, or too often as this will cause scalp calcification and in turn, hair thinning. You should stick to the top 2 products we mentioned here as there are too many serums out there to review and rate – and most of them have similar ingredients and try to compete by good looking packaging, which actually won’t help solve or help hair thinning.



Anxiety and how it affects Hair thinning

Anxiety is often talked about as a mental health issue, however there is very little information out there that says how it affects your body – this includes not only your hair, but also your organs and endocrine system as well as the nervous system.

If you imagine someone at constant anxiety, their heart rate alone would increase due to their fear, and for that to happen, adrenal glands will have to be firing away at full throttle – this over long term, will deplete kidneys and cause aging at a faster rate – this means white hair, as well as hair thinning.

After the hormonal system is affected, it takes some time for it to become an adopted by the body – as a natural state of being – so this no longer remains just a mental issue, as now the body is geared towards staying in this state – so even if the person is simply sitting down with nothing to be anxious about, their body will still be in a state of anxiety, and they will still feel anxiety as a natural state of being – this is when we say the pattern has become an adopted pattern, and changing this requires a lot of effort as you will have to do things that feel unnatural and not normal for your body type until it becomes the new adopted pattern of your body.

When the hormones are affected from anxiety, this also then affects hair and skin quality directly – nutrient absorption can also be affected, which means it further affects skin and hair as this is first to go, if nutrients are low.


Protein Diet – The Do’s and Dont’s

There is a lot of misinformation about the protein diet out there – so this article was written to clarify what the diet is, what the benefits of a protein diet are, medically and cosmetically; as well as how to use the protein diet for your health.

The protein diet is so simple, that people end up getting confused if that is what the protein diet is – it literally is eating only lean fat free lean meats with beef at the top priority, combined with any leafy green (spinach, kale and so on).

Okay, let me do this again – for clarity’s sake.

What is the Protein Diet?

It consists of the following foods to be eaten (nothing else):

  • Beef (fat free as possible) – This is a must, and should not be omitted from the diet, as the diet will fail otherwise.
  • Lamb (fat free parts only)
  • Chicken (no skin part)
  • White Fish
  • Combined with all types of leafy greens (not fruits, not other vegetables)
  • Garlic and light amount of salt is okay for marinating

What does the Protein Diet help with?

The protein diet helps with a huge range of conditions such as the following below, but not limited to it:

  • Hormone Imbalance (men and women)
  • Sugar Addiction
  • Insulin and Diabetes
  • Hair Growth
  • Skin Disorders
  • Menstrual cycle problems
  • Heart Valve Issues
  • Nutritional Absorption Issues
  • Cosmetic Improvement (Looking younger)

Rules of the Protein Diet

The protein diet is a tough diet to be on – and if you have any kind of sugar addiction, it will get rid of it within 7 days of being on the diet.

The diet should be followed for as long as you have the condition you are working to resolve – as this will help at a cellular level and provide the building blocks needed for recovery.

In today’s time of junk food and various ingredients used in processed foods, we have way too many foods with hidden ingredients which could be affecting our health – this diet is one way to really detox from it – it isn’t for the faint hearted.

Is the Protein diet the same or similar to the Paleo Diet?

This is often something that people ask about – and yes, whilst it is similar, it has a different purpose to the Paleo diet – the protein diet is meant to be set for a certain amount of time, and then you should be able to go back to your eating various  kinds of foods, even sugar to a small extent – the Protein diet is a medical diet, not a lifestyle like the Paleo diet.


Food for Younger Skin – Age Reversal (A Study)

food for younger skin


It is well known how food and diet can have a direct effect on how your skin looks and feels – not only that, but how youthful you look overall.

It is possible to maintain and have youthful looks even at a old age – but you need to have dedication and discipline to do so, and it will also reward you with good health too.

If you haven’t been following our blog posts in the past few years, then you should know we have talked about calorie restriction as a method of controlling the aging process.  In Eastern medicine, it is called dampness control, which means you control the rich foods you eat, such as cakes, chocolates and very densely sugary foods.

People often look for food for younger skin, or foods that will help maintain their skin youthfulness – but this is not as simple to explain – you first must watch your calories as a lifestyle – doing too much restriction will also cause aging, as you do need nutrition in your body (obviously) – but you need good quality dense nutrients rather than empty calorie noodles.

In Eastern Medicine, we know that dampness (eating too much) is a major cause of the speed of aging most people in the modern age go through – so the first step in reducing the aging process is reducing calories and increasing nutrient density.

The second step is looking for foods that will work for reducing dampness – and this is very misunderstood in Chinese Medicine, as not all herbs can do this and you cannot just Google what foods do this – we are fortunate enough to have spoken and interviewed a Daoist Medical Doctor, which happen to knew all too well on the best food you can take to reduce and stop dampness.


Looking younger by 10 Years with just 2 Methods


Peach Seed: This is one of the few and rarely understood herbs in the Chinese herbal book which few understand. Of course it isn’t a herb, but a seed – but in Chinese herbology, a lot of weird things are inside the herbal books, which are parts of animals, and end up being referred to as herbs.

peach seed and youthful looks

Peach seed can be purchased anywhere online – and it is the inside part (inside the hard shell) that is what you want – it is very bitter to taste, so you would want to take water with it and swallow a teaspoon 2-3 times a day after a meal – this will not only help bowel movement, but also detox the body, prevent cancer, break down cysts, but also give you that beautiful youthful appearance that you are looking for.

Taking a food such as peach seed is not enough – you also need to take care of your body by movement – exercise – on a daily basis – the body is simply not designed to stay still for longer than 20 minutes at a time – yes, those people working those long office jobs, you are aging yourself faster than you need to – but by working out everyday, even a little, can do wonders for your health, as well as your skin and youthful looks.