How to use your mind to become sexy!

Your mind is the most underestimated part of you; you have used the power of your mind, to do many wonderful things (e.g. radiate love) as well as negative (such as cursing). But do you have any idea of the effects of the thoughts you think every day, have on your physical body?

Dr Masaru Emoto discovered that if different thoughts are directed at water, the water crystals undergo changes depending upon whether the thoughts/words are negative or positive. The crystals with positive thoughts directed at them had beautiful patterns, whilst the negative thoughts version had distorted uneven patterns.  This experiment has been repeated in various forms by different people, not only with water, but also rice (how fast it rots if given different thoughts/words). The end point here is that thoughts affect your body and your environment. There is even a legend of a tribe wanting to go through a thick rainforest; instead of trying to cut through the thick bushes and nettles, everyday they cursed the plants; the plants simply died and withered away.

You don’t have to believe the legend, but can you imagine the consequences of years and years of negative feelings/thoughts/situations that have caused you to damage not only yourself, but the people around you? Each time you say “I am an idiot” or “I am ugly”, you curse yourself without even realizing.

To become sexy/beautiful/handsome/hot/delicious

So how do you, become sexy?

Guess what?

You already are!


Are you disappointed with my answer? Heard it before? Or think it’s some kind of crazy concept theory based philosophy?


Truth is, all life is beautiful; but we ourselves make it ugly. Beauty competitions, crazy teenage magazines with all these images of software edited photos, television shows feeding all types of crap into our heads, how can you not feel and become ugly? They all give you a dualistic view of beauty, you are either sexy or not, Fat or thin, Tall or short; Even a website I came across once about rating people’s looks out of 10. Do you realize how socially conditioned your mind has become?

Step one – Kill Dualistic Views

Step one; stop viewing yourself and others with the dualistic view of beauty/looks. Everyone has their potential of being the most beautiful in their own special unique way, you cannot judge into that. A person that may appear not so “attractive” may not be so because he/she is actually ugly, but actually a reflection of a deep rooted problem with their thinking patterns/vibrations and habits that are manifesting on their physical bodies (Even causing them to become ill more easily).

Step Two – Non Judgment

You always hear about people saying “don’t judge” but do you really know the real meaning behind this? Do you know what it means to practice NON JUDGEMENT beyond concept?

Judging causes a lot of thought pollution in your mind. It creates unnecessary troubles that everyone can do without.

Logically speaking, you are analyzing somebody/something based on your conditioned values and beliefs. As soon as you pass a judgment, you are saying that you are better or worse than someone. That something is good or bad. This in itself creates boundaries (do I really need to talk about problems that boundaries can bring?).

Practice non judgment. If you see something or someone you might disagree with, or make a judgment about (in your mind or out loud), then stop, and just let them/it be. It takes practice, but in time, you will begin to see the tension it removes from your thoughts.

To permanently fixing bad thinking habits, I come to my final step.

Step Three – Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been used for many years for a variety of different aspects in life. This is from physical body changes such as skin clearing, hair growth and anti aging, to changes in habits (such as stopping smoking and weight loss).  There is a lot of criticism on hypnosis when it comes to changing the body physically in any way; however it has been done before, over and over again. If you seek with an eye of a critique, you will find just that.

Self Hypnosis Mp3’s help you to reach a deep state of trance, and feed your mind the thoughts and changes you would like. This puts your mind in alignment with your goals. The reason to reach in a deep state of trance is to access the part of the brain that has no judgment as to what information comes in; so you can change your negative thoughts, and start moving towards a beautiful mind and a beautiful body.

There are hundreds of websites offering a variety of hypnosis mp3’s online; and it can be hard to find the best options. So I have done a little research and found two websites that have the best programs available. I have personally used programs from both websites and I find them both equally powerful.

Deep Trance Now– This site is by Dr Laura, who is a known clinical hypnotherapist. I found that her recordings are very high quality in terms of sound quality, voice, and all recordings use brain wave synchronization to enhance the deep state of trance. This technology is not used in any other hypnosis recordings I have found. Her recordings are also available in several different languages and she also does custom recordings. The website also gives free hypnosis downloads so you try before you buy your chosen topic.

Hyptalk Hypnosis – This site is run by Victoria Gallagher, a certified Master hypnotherapist. Her recordings are very soothing to listen to, and you can preview them before you buy. The advantage from buying here is that you can download the mp3 recordings instantly.

The reason I have included two different websites is that sometimes users get too bored from listening to the same recordings over and over again, they lose motivation to carry on. That’s why it helps to have a change in voice and even the wordings to keep you motivated.

Other ways

If you are not interested or simply unsure about using hypnosis, then it’s not the end of the world; there are many ways to reaching any goal. The aim is to firstly observe and become aware of your negative habits (smoking, over-eating) and negative thoughts (self sabotage, self hate) and then to attack them by flooding your life with change of habits and thinking. You can do this by hypnosis, meditation and continuous monitoring of your thoughts and habits.

I leave you with an old Taoist saying:

“Beware of your thoughts, for they become your words. Beware of your words, for they become your actions. Beware of your actions, for they become your habits. Beware of your habits, as they can seal your fate”

12 Reasons why Salt makes you invincible

If you want to get vibrant glowing skin, a powerful immune system, indestructible organs, age defying bone structure, and, a timeless, youthful, healthy vibrant body, then read on.

I’m not trying to create hype about any ingredients here; I’ll leave that to the cosmetic industry to take care of. Salt is one of the most important ingredients for life (let alone for maintaining a healthy functioning body). You cannot live without it. But not all salts are the same; Today’s common table salt is very different from the natural salt we once knew. That’s because table salt goes through a number of refinement processes, which involve chemically stripping away essential trace elements, and changing the structure of the salt. In addition, potentially dangerous chemicals are added to improve the ability of table salt to pour (Iodine on its own is great, but when it mixed with salt, it is not good news for your body at all!).

So, what type of Salt?

The type of salt that actually has countless health/healing benefits is sea salt. I am resisting mentioning rock salt because most of the rock salt found in many supermarkets has actually been through some kind of refinement process and also has been treated chemically. So always look at the ingredients before buying any kind of salt (should only say salt, with the naturally occurring minerals).

As a general rule, the “sharper” the salt tastes, the worse it is – Bamboo salt used to be good, but due to malpractice in all bamboo salt companies, and the fact they dry the salt on plastic, has started making people very sick – so DO NOT BUY bamboo salt, it is actually bad for you due to the way they are currently making it – it is creating Dioxin from the heating (heat itself isn’t bad for salt, but the whole process these companies are using is creating this) – which can actually kill you even in smaller quantities over a period of years. 

bamboo salt

The best salt according to my research is sea salt, and here are the great benefits you can get from it – however, it is better if you roast the sea salt in the oven, for several hours, at the highest temperature you can, this helps remove impurities – Himalayan salt is not as good as sea salt, the pinkness from it.

1.Vital for Regulating Water content throughout your body (essential for skin and anti-cysts)

2.Needed for Promoting Vascular health

3.Increasing Bone Strength (Table salt actually harms bones and joints)

4.Balances your body’s pH level to optimal levels (Vital for fighting all diseases)

5.Reducing the signs of aging (Allows the body to regenerate itself)

6.Elevates Sinus Health

7.Elevating your Libido

8.Supporting Respiratory Health

9.Sleep regulating abilities

10.Anti-muscle Cramps

11.Vital for healthy blood pressure levels (unlike table salt)

12.Detoxification at a cellular level (removing all impurities from the cells) This is the most powerful health benefit you can ask for – as everything starts from the cells.

Catch 22 – Are these health benefits REALLY possible?

If you do a search online about the benefits of various types of salt, you will find an almost similar list to the one I just gave you. Are these health benefits really possible?

Well, yes and no. Here’s why:

If you threw away all your table salt (iodized salt), you may get a lot of benefits from doing so; however table salt is present in all processed foods we eat today. From the basic bread we buy, to the cereals our children eat (including those health obsessed cereals) to the very restaurants we visit, all, are using industrialized table salt. If you stopped buying all processed foods, and literally lived on foods you make from 100% raw ingredients, then I can say that you will experience the maximum extent of  those health benefits.

But I don’t have the time to make my own food…


Not to panic. There is no harm in going out to restaurants and eating the salt they have in their foods. As long as the majority (80%+) of your diet has natural salt, as well as natural ingredients, you are doing great. What I’m saying is: moderation. Make sure your processed foods are at a bare minimum, and eliminate them from the boundaries of your home; you won’t be tempted to go for a fast microwave meal when there is “Nothing to eat”, instead you will go for the fruit or cook a meal from scratch (you will, wont you?).

You already know that your body is capable of fighting high levels of unhealthy eating; after all, you are alive today; But over time, continuous neglecting of your health will surely result in a manifestation of some kind of disease, or as we call it today: Aging. That is why I suggest in minimizing all processed foods, knowing that the ideal is eating no processed/chemically treated foods, let alone processed salt.

It’s understandable that you will not go from eating 90% processed foods per day, to 0%. That is why; I suggest you see this like a journey. Just like a primary school student that cannot go from that, to a Harvard Graduate in one day, the same applies to your levels of ideal salt/food intake.If you knew how to reach your ideal, wouldn’t you give it your best to reach it?

That’s the question I leave for you to answer. It’s a personal choice; my job is to present you with the ideas and tools that you can leverage to your advantage for optimal health.

8 Ways to Naturally Lose Weight


There is so much misinformation on the internet about weight loss; more than enough to confuse the heck out of anyone looking for top weight loss secrets. Weight loss needn’t be hard; anybody can do it. Here’s how:


Why lose weight?

Have you ever thought of that? Why do you want to lose weight? I know it sounds like a strange question to ask, but really ask yourself why. Get a piece of A4 paper and fill it up with all the reasons you want to lose weight. Go on, do it; bookmark this article if you don’t have time, but do this exercise before continuing to read. Write up all the reasons on why you want to lose weight. It doesn’t matter if you think it sounds stupid, you don’t have to share it with anyone. Make sure you fill the whole A4 sheet.

I believe that if a person has enough reasons to do something, they will do it. No matter what it takes, how long it takes; THEY WILL DO IT.  This is a fundamental step to reaching any of your goals, let alone weight loss.


Attack your biggest enemy. Only you have the answer to this. People fail in their diets and goals in reducing weight, and keeping it off, only due to one reason; they try to do too many things in one go. If you want to defeat fat, you defeat its sources. Ask yourself the following questions (they are just to get you started):

          Do I stay at home all day?

          What is my physical activity level compared to another person?

          Do I have a weakness in food or drinks that I know are bad?

Eliminate the one weakness you think you have. If you stay at home all day, but don’t eat much, you know what you have to do; you already have written the reasons why. For some people, it’s a mix of everything, which is perfectly fine. Just pick one weakness, and attack it with all you got. Don’t try to attack everything; you don’t have that much energy. This way, that weakness will be gone for good. Succeeding to do this will also greatly strengthen your will power, which is vital in reaching any goal. For example, some people just need to eliminate all fizzy drinks from their diet, and they already start losing weight. This is the power of focused elimination; pick on one, and remove it from your diet.

Clean yourself up

If you wanted your car to function at its best, you would make sure it burns fuel efficiently. Otherwise the car starts releasing smoke, clogging up the internal system of the car; and over a period of time, uses up more fuel to do the same functions as it did when it was new.

If you want to allow your body to let go of the fat, you have to lubricate it so that fat loss is easy. One of the best ways to do this “lubrication” is by detoxifying. There are various methods of detoxification out there; the most powerful one I tried was detox herbal tea. Drink it several times a day, before and even after meals. It not only will reduce your appetite greatly, but also clean your entire system out, making you feel energetic and happy. I recommend getting lose leaf herbal detox tea that has a mixed variety of herbs and roots.

Go to the mountains and… MEDITATE

Stress is the biggest cause of illnesses worldwide. It also causes the body to hold onto fat, due to the stress hormones. I know you might think meditation might not affect your fat loss goals; but what I’m saying here is to take time out every day to focus on non-thinking. Relaxing will not only speed up fat loss, but also make you look 10-20 years younger.

An apple a day…

Apples are not only handy and easy to have regularly, but also very good for you. The fibre will boost your metabolism. Have it before every meal; and it will kill your appetite. Not only will apples increase your weight loss, they will make you younger; thanks to its anti aging properties. Don’t take my word for it, Google it.



Water will boost your metabolism, and speed up fat loss. It will help detoxify the whole body and your skin will keep hydrated. However, don’t flood your body with water; eat water rich foods. Yes, I’m talking about fruits and vegetables. Water in fruits and vegetables is much more pure. Water rich foods, especially watermelons and melons are a great source of pure water. When the body is dehydrated even by 0.05%, it can have a great impact on how it functions; including weight loss.

Focus on health, NOT weight

Whenever you eat, focus on health rather than weight loss. This means eating natural unprocessed food. Personal development leader Steve Pavlina did a trial on his blog for eating raw food for 30 days. The results were amazing. Not only did he go through some intense detoxification; but also felt he could eat so much more and still lose weight. He actually forced himself to eat more to meet his caloric requirements. His energy levels and mental concentration went up substantially.

I’m not saying start eating 100% raw. Just increase the amount of raw unprocessed foods; you will notice a big difference in energy levels and the speed of healthy weight loss.

Exercise with attitude

You don’t need to join a gym to have a healthy exercise regime. Some people may find it too uncomfortable joining a gym. You have to realize that losing weight requires a change of life style; therefore requires the right attitude towards it. Just adding a 20-30min brisk walk in your routine will benefit you greatly.

Lots of people ask me tips and advice when it comes to exercising and losing weight. When I do tell them, they never seem pleased with the answers. They make up excuses that they don’t have the time to exercise regularly. I heard this excuse not only from people around me, but also caught myself saying it. Yes you can get caught up with other things; but sit down and make time. Imagine your end result; of already having your ideal body. Live with that thought, and exercise with that thought; speaking of which, I come to my last and very important point…

Use the Law of Attraction

Use the law of attraction. Imagine yourself already achieving your perfect healthy beautiful body. If you are in a negative state, no matter what you are thinking, you are asking for more of exactly that. Besides, being in a negative state is not the most resourceful state to be in. If you keep thinking, that it is a miracle for you to lose weight; then it WILL be a miracle if you lose weight! Let those thoughts go; start fresh and focus on what you want, in a way, which makes you feel that you already have it. This may sound strange to some of you sceptics out there, but there is no harm in trying it. It will only make you feel good.

I have given quite a few points for you to work with. You may chose to pick the ones that most resonate with you; as that will keep you in the most resourceful state of being. 

And remember, always stay positive no matter what your goal is, weight loss, or climbing Mount Everest.

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