Breathing Causes Cancer – New Research


I thought I heard it all – sitting in the sun causes cancer, mobile phones cause cancer, eating fried chicken causes cancer, exercise causes cancer; and finally, breathing causes cancer!

The truth is, you never really get to explore the reasons WHY they may or may not cause cancer – these ‘research’ updates only end up creating fear in people, preventing them to even go out and live  (I have a family relative that never steps out the house because of fear of being in sunlight – she is convinced sunlight may kill her).

The only activity that causes cancer is oxidization – and breathing is a part of it!

To understand this further (and to take measures for healing or prevention), we must look at the science behind it – which is really simple.

If you look at an atom (the building blocks of everything) – it has electrons and protons, that need to stay in balance (with positive and negative charges). If they are not in balance (unstable atoms are called free radicals), they borrow an electron from another atom (any atom it comes in contact with); this ends up creating a chain reaction of many unstable atoms.

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The problem occurs when our cells divide and copy the precious DNA code; any unstable atom nearby can damage the DNA and cause the new cell to react abnormally – this happens often in our bodies, but our cells have a safety switch, in which if the DNA is damaged, it usually commits suicide to prevent further damage being replicated – but there are occasions where this is not detected, THIS is what can lead to cancer growth.


What causes oxidization (free radicals)?


All foods that are cooked are oxidized (because the very act of cooking actually does this to food) and creates billions of unstable atoms waiting to mess up your DNA code.

Radiation (including too much sunlight, x-rays, MRI Scans etc).

Oxygen (this is where breathing comes in)

The good news is, oxidization and unstable atoms can be stabilized (oxidization can be reversed) by using one key ingredient – Anti-Oxidants!

Anti-oxidants are present in small quantities in fruits and vegetables – which may not be enough to reverse damage already done from previous bad habits, but it will prevent further damage to occur.  For reversing damage, you may require to take supplements alongside a good diet aimed towards healing.

There are two types of anti-oxidants – fat based and water based.

You need both, as one cannot travel to the other’s ‘territory’. I recommend eating lots of raw spinach in your salad with every meal you have – and consider switching to a raw food diet, either as a total life style change, or in cycles (having only raw food on some days, and cooked food on other days).

As a supplement of choice for a powerful mix of antioxidants – give NOAGIN from JBNI a try. I personally take it everyday and have seen seen my skin and eyes have the biggest difference when I take full dosage.



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