Can Humans Regrow Body Parts?

A recent study suggests that there is only one gene (called gene p21) preventing humans from being able to regrow our body parts, just like some reptiles are capable of doing – I wonder what will happen to the pharmaceutical industry if that was to ever happen.

It seems the only reason the gene prevents humans from regrowing body parts is a measure of protection.

This article called “Humans Can Regrow Body Parts” explains more on how it may be possible to turn “off” the particular gene for healing purposes.



3 thoughts on “Can Humans Regrow Body Parts?

  1. “Recent studies” and “facts” do not automatically equal reality.

    Suggest researching Dr Milton Erickson and the 20 year old patient he ‘grew’ 12 inches in 12 months using hypnosis.

    Then suggest looking up the British Medical Journal (1952) and reading Dr Albert Mason’s case, curing a teenage boy of an ‘incurable’ and ‘congenital’ skin ichthyosis – with just 2 sessions.

    I do wish people would stop looking for ‘permission’ from science and ‘researchers’ to reach for the stars.

    Word of warning though: drug companies don’t like people curing themselves of the incurable. Why do you think it’s illegal to even talk about healing with hypnosis?

  2. Yes, I most surely agree.

    Usually the reason I state “studies show” and such – is to encourage people who are on the borderline of opening their mind further, but still need some assurance – or like you said, approval from scientists.

    They have now banned many Chinese Herbs in the EU – as more and more people have started seeking alternative treatment.

    Thank you for your comment =)

  3. I can understand that!

    Apparently, some countries are even banning over-the-counter sales of Vitamin C now, which is just criminal and idiotic, in my view (it points to drug companies and their greed, making governments ban everything).

    Vitamin C is one vitamin you can’t overdose on, no matter how hard you try – the worst that will happen is – erm – rather frequent visits to the bathroom, shall we say?

    However, there’s more than one way to skin a cat (apologies to cat lovers) when it comes to healing or making changes in the body – things like a clever little program called ‘SuperSleep Recordings’, by Dr Teri Mahaney on her website; she shows you how to create them for yourself.

    Then there’s ‘night audio recordings’, which is basically just copying what Dr Teri Mahaney has already done, on the website, although it’s a very helpful forum where people can discuss their experiences with this system.

    In all honesty, if Dr Milton Erickson had success with helping a client grow 12 inches in 12 months, I can’t see why a person couldn’t regrow missing limbs. There’s a website that’s reprinted an article from the Australian Journal of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis 1995, on this very subject, for anyone interested:

    The thing to bear in mind is that the subconscious mind remembers how it created every part of our bodies, therefore, it’s logical to assume it can repeat any part of the process required.

    Hope this helps.

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