Fast Weight Loss Tips: 3 Powerful Techniques

Weight Loss Tips

Being overweight may reveal that a person is not in balance – meaning that there is an imbalance somewhere within the mind body and spirit.

If you are overweight, you need to know the deeper rooted issues that need to be resolved – it is not as simple as eating less and exercising more. Although it is true that if you eat less and exercise more, you will lose weight; but what is the point if you go back to your old habits and regain the weight; as this is not tackling the source of the problem.

To find the deeper issue is to look at your life as it is right now. There is no way you will be overweight when everything in your life (to an extent) is balanced and stable. – Answer the following questions:

– Are you having difficultly letting go of a painful memory or a traumatic event?

– Are you having any stability issues? Financial problems?

– Are there any emotional issues? How are your relationships with friends and family?

These three questions will help you locate the core problem of the imbalance – If you haven’t already read it, I refer you to my article ‘How to be Happy – 7 Most powerful ways‘ – the questions I asked above, relate to the first 3 Chakra’s in the human body – they target on finding imbalances within each chakra – to find the deeper rooted reasons of your weight issues. Once you know the deeper rooted problems,  you can face them and overcome them – rather than trying to fight something you cant even target (because you don’t know the root of the problem).

You are eating to “Fill” holes in your life…

love, family, security

Did you know that when you overeat – you are unconsiously trying to “fill” gaps in your chakra’s – in other words, gaps in your life; a terrible memory (root chakra) that needs to be let go of, a bad habit (root chakra), relationship problems(heart chakra), family(heart), financial security (sex chakra) etc – I am not saying that you are consiously aware of these issues, but they are there, waiting to be “digested”.

This article is intended to encourage people with weight problems using a holistic approach – look at all areas in your life when looking at the subject of weight loss, rather than what you eat and how much your process it (exercise).

How to be Happy – 7 Most powerful ways!

The question of how to live life to the fullest, or how to be happy has been around since the beginning of time; but is there really an answer to such a question? or a universal method that can be applied to every single community?


Its called the Seven Congregations (In Christianity), Seven Heavens (In Islam),  Seven Chakras (In Hinduism) and is present in most major religions and spiritual guidance books; oh and if your one of the sceptical types (or just not a New Age’r) – think of this as an allegory – a system the ancients built to transform lives.

Please note that this is a rough outline of the chakra system – so that you understand the basics before progressing to reading about them in more detail and how to overcome problems within each.

There are seven energy centers (or Chakras) in the human body; each of them having unique attributes associated to them (emotions, reproduction etc). Below is an image of the chakra system within the body; the symbols within the colours is Sanskrit writing for the name of each chakra.


The chakra system generally works from the bottom upwards; just like you build a house from the foundation upwards.

Root Chakra

The root chakra is the lowest chakra (red in image above) and is the only chakra pointing backwards, to your past.

The root chakra MUST be functioning with balance before you can move to the next chakra (become financially free, find love, keep promises); if not, like a building with no foundation, your chakra system will colapse which in physical terms is a nervous breakdown.

The purpose of this chakra is getting rid of toxins in the body; this includes both physical and mental toxins.

An example of a mental toxin is a belief system which is holding you back from getting where you want to go; a habit which is preventing you from reaching your goals.

An example of physical toxins is the waste you excrete when you go to the bathroom everyday; so if your constipated, this also shows that your “holding on” and not letting go of things physically and mentally. Can you imagine  the level of toxic waste build-up if you have not exercised and balanced this chakra? Think painful childhood memories? Painful school memories?

How to strengthen and balance the Root Chakra?

There are many ways to strengthen the root chakra. Some are:

– Forgiving and forgetting: Forgive the people in your past, and forget; expel them from your body. Any painful memories must be let go of; bad habits must be disposed.

– Physical: Do root chakra yoga asanas. This is basically yoga for the root chakra, ask your yoga instructor and he/she should be able to guide you. OR if you want a good set of Yoga Asana’s which you can view online, you can get the video from here. This video for the root chakra is highly recommended and does not exist anywhere else. This works similar to the effect you get when you run for a while, and your mood elevates and you become happier; except, its more targeted.

– Detox: Throw away all the things that you have been holding on to for years but hardly use; go to your drawers and throw away anything that you have not used in the past 30 days.

Binaural Beats – Sound frequencies that tune into the right wavelength to stimulate the root chakra. This can be used for all the 7 chakras – Each chakra has a different frequency that stimulates it to become active.

Sex Chakra

The Sex chakra is located just 2 inches below your belly button; it is the chakra responsible for reproduction.

This not only includes sexual reproduction, but also reproducing wealth, health, anything you want! It is associated with creativity, food, expression, addictions and is often referred to as the center of self expression and joy.

This chakra is the chakra that “turns you on” speaking sexually and otherwise; therefore it is deeply concerned with our relationships to others, our motivation for our relationships and how much joy we bring to them.

It also has a strong connection with money; being able to become financially independent.

A weak sex chakra leads to physical manifestations of sexual impotence, bladder problems, diseases of the small intestine and lower back pain.

How to strengthen the Sex Chakra?

To strengthen the Sex chakra you can:

– Strengthen any chakras below; in this case, the root chakra (Note: this applies to all chakra’s; if you want to strengthen a chakra, work on strengthening all the chakra’s below it first)

– Become financially independent: This is important – before you can progress further, your ability to reproduce money must be strong, its that simple!

– Yoga Asanas for Sex Chakra – see

Solar Plexus

The third chakra is often called the Solar Plexus; it is responsible for keeping what you have produced in the sex chakra (second chakra); so you produce money in the second chakra and learn to keep it in the third chakra. You keep your promises, your will, in the third chakra.

Self esteem is also held here, as well as beauty, health and wealth; anything you produce.

How to strengthen the Solar Plexus?

Signs of weak solar plexus (or third chakra) is low self esteem, not being able to keep promises, no self discipline, issues with your physical body – Naturally the way to strengthen this would be to target all the chakra’s lower than the solar plexus chakra, make them solid, and then:

– Practice increasing your will power: Write down 5-7 things that you must do that day but have been ignoring for some time now – this could be anything from cleaning out the wardrobe, buying a new vacuum cleaner etc – and then, DO THEM! Practice this regularly – This will increase your will power and strengthen your third chakra.

– Doing yoga asanas targeted for the third chakra are also important; search or go to to get a series of all the chakra videos.

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is ruled by emotions; love, hate, jealousy, life purpose, higher purpose, fulfilment etc. If the lower 3 chakra’s have been mastered, energy seeps into the fourth chakra; this is where you can have “mid-life crisis” and seek for meaning. This is not some hocus pocus crap; it is easily applied in practice – Bill Gates is a great example; He left Harvard university (root chakra) to realize his dream of creating (second chakra) DOS and reproducing it to every IBM computer in the world – He again disposed DOS (root chakra) to move onto windows further making billions and holding onto them (third chakra); then he created a charity foundation (heart chakra – to seek higher purpose and fulfillment from a deeper sense of love).

How can you strengthen the heart chakra?

– Water (master) all the chakra’s below to strengthen the heart chakra

– Carry out Yoga Asana’s for the heart chakra found at – you can find sample videos on under the user-name “yogomeditation”.

Throat Chakra

If we continue our example of Bill Gates – after he fulfils his fourth chakra, he will begin his journey for the 5th chakra – the knowledge chakra.

The knowledge chakra comes to life when you have everything in your life that you wanted – reason why wealthy people start taking dance classes, extra courses into something “different”, visiting unusual destinations, art classes, singing lessons – anything to seek higher purpose and meaning (but more developed than the heart chakra).

How can you strengthen the Throat chakra?

– Water (master) all chakra’s under the throat chakra

– Carry out Yoga Asana’s for the Throat Chakra found at – you can find sample videos of these vidoes on under the user-name “yogameditation”.

Third Eye

The sixth chakra is the Third eye Chakra – where you gain divine wisdom. Your ability to solve the most complex problems will become as simple as pressing a button. Many spiritual leaders have written countless books on the underlying methods of the universe; but this is useless to most people as you would need your first 5 chakra’s mastered before you would have a “thirst” for fulfilling this chakra.

Third eye represents non-judgement – Between right or wrong, light and day, ugly and beautiful, fat and thin etc. You will be able to see past and future as one, giving you the ability to see patterns and solve complex problems.

How can you strengthen the Third Eye?

Strengthen all chakra’s below the Third Eye Chakra

– Meditation and focus on the third eye point

Crown Chakra

This is the only chakra which is actually outside the body, over the head – where do you think they got the Halo from?

There is nothing else to say about the crown chakra other than it is the chakra that connects you with the universe – as the Taoists say, to make your “light body”. This is pure enlightenment and where you have extraordinary abilities.

There are a few ways to strengthen the crown chakra like fulfilling all chakra’s below it, and meditation.

YES, but how do I apply this to my life?

Apply this to your life starting from the root chakra of disposing toxins and all the way up to the 7th – take it step by step. It is possible that some parts of some of your chakra’s are already developed to a certain extent, however there could be some weaknesses to them that might need strengthening in order to move your life forward – living your life to the fullest!

All chakras not only speak of healing in a spiritual sense, but also a physical sense. Physical illnesses are related to chakra imbalances that need correcting – heart disease with the heart chakra, sexual dysfunction with the second chakra – fulfill and learn to master them, and master your life!

It is also important to note that mastering your chakras creates rising levels of energy (chi/Parana) which can damage the nerves in your body and possibly kill you – this can easily be avoided by preparing the body for this kind of energy – by practicing chi kung (an ancient Chinese art)  to the point of excruciating pain.

Can you use Hypnosis to Grow thicker Hair?

The power of the mind can be used to heal the body, and regrow and thicken hair back to its original, youthful state. Before we get into if hypnosis can work for this, you need to understand that when you want to rejuvenate your body from an alignment (be it hair loss or more serious health problems), working from simply one angel is not enough.

So if you are considering to use hypnosis for growing thicker hair, realize that this is just one of the many tools that need to be incorporated – the secret is to use tools from all three aspects of the human body; which are, the mind, body and spirit.

“…the secret is to use tools from all three aspects of the human body; which are, the mind, body and spirit…”


How do you incorporate tools from all three aspects of the mind body and spirit for regrowing and thickening your hair?


There are many ways, but here are some examples:

Mind: This is where hypnosis for hair growth can be used in your intention to thicken your hair. The mind has a direct affect on the human body (some you are aware of, some you may not be aware of). An example is, when someone tells you bad news, your heartbeat generally goes up and your adrenaline glads release hormones! With just a thought, you physically caused a change in your body!

Body: This aspect applies to all physical things like changing your diet dramatically. If your body has to work less to get the nutrition it needs, secondary functions of the body get restored (like hair and nail growth). One way of allowing your body to work less, is to eat more raw foods, as the food is not oxidized, your body does not have to work so hard to process it. Exercising also comes under this category as it can help blood circulation to vital organs, improving their ability to work effortlessly.

Spirit: This can be difficult to understand for many people, but your spirit is like the roots of your body, whatever happens in the spirit, will happen in the physical as well. If you have negative thinking, and allow yourself to get affected from this, it will only greatly slow your progress to healing anything. Regular meditation on simply observing your thoughts (rather than stopping thoughts) comes in as a very powerful tool to overcome any problem, be it physical (hair loss) or mental (smoking addicting).

Yes, you can use hypnosis to grow thicker hair! Use it as a tool, rather than the only method of reaching your health goals.

If you are looking for hypnosis audios that you want incorporate in your life, for hair growth or any aspect of life, do consider from two of the sources I personally use:

Deep Trance (Instant Downloads as well as shipping in CDs)

Hyptalk (Instant Downloads and allows to preview recordings before you buy)

How to use your mind to become sexy!

Your mind is the most underestimated part of you; you have used the power of your mind, to do many wonderful things (e.g. radiate love) as well as negative (such as cursing). But do you have any idea of the effects of the thoughts you think every day, have on your physical body?

Dr Masaru Emoto discovered that if different thoughts are directed at water, the water crystals undergo changes depending upon whether the thoughts/words are negative or positive. The crystals with positive thoughts directed at them had beautiful patterns, whilst the negative thoughts version had distorted uneven patterns.  This experiment has been repeated in various forms by different people, not only with water, but also rice (how fast it rots if given different thoughts/words). The end point here is that thoughts affect your body and your environment. There is even a legend of a tribe wanting to go through a thick rainforest; instead of trying to cut through the thick bushes and nettles, everyday they cursed the plants; the plants simply died and withered away.

You don’t have to believe the legend, but can you imagine the consequences of years and years of negative feelings/thoughts/situations that have caused you to damage not only yourself, but the people around you? Each time you say “I am an idiot” or “I am ugly”, you curse yourself without even realizing.

To become sexy/beautiful/handsome/hot/delicious

So how do you, become sexy?

Guess what?

You already are!


Are you disappointed with my answer? Heard it before? Or think it’s some kind of crazy concept theory based philosophy?


Truth is, all life is beautiful; but we ourselves make it ugly. Beauty competitions, crazy teenage magazines with all these images of software edited photos, television shows feeding all types of crap into our heads, how can you not feel and become ugly? They all give you a dualistic view of beauty, you are either sexy or not, Fat or thin, Tall or short; Even a website I came across once about rating people’s looks out of 10. Do you realize how socially conditioned your mind has become?

Step one – Kill Dualistic Views

Step one; stop viewing yourself and others with the dualistic view of beauty/looks. Everyone has their potential of being the most beautiful in their own special unique way, you cannot judge into that. A person that may appear not so “attractive” may not be so because he/she is actually ugly, but actually a reflection of a deep rooted problem with their thinking patterns/vibrations and habits that are manifesting on their physical bodies (Even causing them to become ill more easily).

Step Two – Non Judgment

You always hear about people saying “don’t judge” but do you really know the real meaning behind this? Do you know what it means to practice NON JUDGEMENT beyond concept?

Judging causes a lot of thought pollution in your mind. It creates unnecessary troubles that everyone can do without.

Logically speaking, you are analyzing somebody/something based on your conditioned values and beliefs. As soon as you pass a judgment, you are saying that you are better or worse than someone. That something is good or bad. This in itself creates boundaries (do I really need to talk about problems that boundaries can bring?).

Practice non judgment. If you see something or someone you might disagree with, or make a judgment about (in your mind or out loud), then stop, and just let them/it be. It takes practice, but in time, you will begin to see the tension it removes from your thoughts.

To permanently fixing bad thinking habits, I come to my final step.

Step Three – Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been used for many years for a variety of different aspects in life. This is from physical body changes such as skin clearing, hair growth and anti aging, to changes in habits (such as stopping smoking and weight loss).  There is a lot of criticism on hypnosis when it comes to changing the body physically in any way; however it has been done before, over and over again. If you seek with an eye of a critique, you will find just that.

Self Hypnosis Mp3’s help you to reach a deep state of trance, and feed your mind the thoughts and changes you would like. This puts your mind in alignment with your goals. The reason to reach in a deep state of trance is to access the part of the brain that has no judgment as to what information comes in; so you can change your negative thoughts, and start moving towards a beautiful mind and a beautiful body.

There are hundreds of websites offering a variety of hypnosis mp3’s online; and it can be hard to find the best options. So I have done a little research and found two websites that have the best programs available. I have personally used programs from both websites and I find them both equally powerful.

Deep Trance Now– This site is by Dr Laura, who is a known clinical hypnotherapist. I found that her recordings are very high quality in terms of sound quality, voice, and all recordings use brain wave synchronization to enhance the deep state of trance. This technology is not used in any other hypnosis recordings I have found. Her recordings are also available in several different languages and she also does custom recordings. The website also gives free hypnosis downloads so you try before you buy your chosen topic.

Hyptalk Hypnosis – This site is run by Victoria Gallagher, a certified Master hypnotherapist. Her recordings are very soothing to listen to, and you can preview them before you buy. The advantage from buying here is that you can download the mp3 recordings instantly.

The reason I have included two different websites is that sometimes users get too bored from listening to the same recordings over and over again, they lose motivation to carry on. That’s why it helps to have a change in voice and even the wordings to keep you motivated.

Other ways

If you are not interested or simply unsure about using hypnosis, then it’s not the end of the world; there are many ways to reaching any goal. The aim is to firstly observe and become aware of your negative habits (smoking, over-eating) and negative thoughts (self sabotage, self hate) and then to attack them by flooding your life with change of habits and thinking. You can do this by hypnosis, meditation and continuous monitoring of your thoughts and habits.

I leave you with an old Taoist saying:

“Beware of your thoughts, for they become your words. Beware of your words, for they become your actions. Beware of your actions, for they become your habits. Beware of your habits, as they can seal your fate”