Causes for Hair Loss – The only cause?


Hair loss can be caused by many factors, but there is one key factor that can be the ultimate cause – STRESS!* (Stress causes inflammation in the body which may lead to hair loss)


Stress has a direct impact on your breathing, heart rate and your body’s ability to produce a balanced steady release of healing hormones (or the destructive ones that damage your body if released too many times over a period of time).

*In this post, the definition of stress is a little more stretched out and it includes anxiety as well as trauma and depression.

When you are stressed, your face can actually permanently change due to muscle tension on the face. The same applies to the scalp – the scalp tightens and blood circulation is reduced greatly, suffocating the hair follicles.

With the above reasoning, how do you stop hair loss?


Don’t get stressed (or suffer from anxiety) – monitor yourself and improvements will happen over a period of time.

Quick tips: Clear your mind, listen to hypnosis recordings to help you and practice daily meditation.


What about regrowing hair that has already been lost?

Re-growing lost hair requires that you increase blood circulation to the scalp (the hair follicles) – whilst working and managing your stressful situations and remembering to take time out everyday for your meditation or hypnosis practice to clearing your mind from unwanted thoughts.

Quick tips: Massage your scalp 3 times a day for 30 minutes, soak scalp in hot water (as hot as you can go) and massage it in that, keep your scalp warm (increases circulation), get an Indian head massage, use the Taoist Soap (an advanced earth based soap which I have personally used, to increase blood circulation and break down artery plaque).

Bonus: Balance Cooked foods and raw foods. Only eating cooked foods only provides oxidized atoms in your body, which can cause hair problems as above.



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