Emotional Balance: Key to Health and Beauty – How to

Emotional Balance for health and beauty


We all have heard of fixing your diet for physical beauty – even exercise for beauty and health – but rarely people talk about emotional health for beauty and health, when your emotional state directly dictates the exact way the hormones in your body will react, respond and release, it should be put on the important must know skills to manage.

Yes you read correctly – when you are happy, your body releases hormones differently to when you are stressed or depressed or any other negative emotion. There really are only two types of emotions, one that feel good, and what that don’t – and the body releases hormones accordingly – thats why when you have a hormone imbalance, or you take steroids, your emotions are simply out of your control – this is no secret, those two are strongly connected. This is at least a better explanation of emotions in a scientific way, than this article here: http://www.sciencedaily.com/articles/e/emotion.htm

It is also known and understood, hormones are a large part in your health and looks – if your hormones are imbalanced, believe it or not, it will affect even how your face looks – from bright and lively to dull skin and dead looking hair to shiny eyes and vibrant health and breathing all play a part when it comes to hormones.

So now that you know and understand how important emotional health and emotional balance is – how do you stay in this emotional balance in your turbulent lifestyle?

In our old posts – we talked about “Healing from a Broken heart” – in a similar way, we can use knowledge to help emotional stability. So knowledge that everything will be okay, but in more detail (if you need to go in detail), to the knowledge that exercise and going out for a long walk in the forest will help you recover and stay emotionally balanced – it sounds like work, but when you get into the habit of doing this, it becomes part of your nature as your neurology gets rewired on how it handles situations.

Emotional balance comes from understanding everything will be okay in the bigger or smaller picture (whichever works) – even if you still feel its not going to be okay, realize that, in a more emotionally stable state, you can handle the situation better, so it is still better to stay in a state of emotional stability, and do your best in the given situation – it really still does turn out perfect.

There are people who think too much which affects their emotional stability – for those, it is better to focus on activities like drawing, or activities difficult enough which require full attention of your mind so you don’t think other things – usually a mental game, perhaps one on your iPad if you have one – or your phone – anything to get your mind off from things that you worry from, will help build your neurology differently – and you will be happier as a person for sure as you don’t focus on things that you don’t need to.


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