Hair Soap, the True Way of Scalp Renewal

Have you ever wondered what people used before shampoo was invented?

Of course, from the title, you would have guessed – it is hair soap. And I am sure you would have also heard that soap is not good for your hair?

Truth is, shampoos were created as a convenience for people, and like most things that are created for convenience, there comes a cost to your health.

Salt used to be sticky in humid conditions, so to make it convenient, they iodized salt, so does not stick even in the most humid conditions – result, it causes sharp rises in blood pressure and is a major contributor to cellulite and general bad quality skin – normal kosher salt (or Himalayan salt, would not do this).

The same applies when it comes to hair – we have been lead to believe soap is bad, or shampoo is better because it is enriched by synthetic vitamins (better word for that is fake vitamins) – this is none-sense – just because you know vitamins are good for you, adding them randomly to a shampoo will not do anything.

When looking for a natural hair soap, that is actually good for your scalp, hair re-growth, and moisturizes your hair and scalp, you must make sure it contains natural ingredients – but this is only the first step. Companies have figured this out, and are selling all kinds of handmade soaps with natural or organic ingredients; thing is, throwing in random ingredients and making something sound natural does not mean its going to be good for the scalp.

Oil based and glycerin based soaps only give the feeling of freshness, that is why at Humancure, we recommend the Taoist Handmade Soap (found here: ), which is the only soap in the world that is not oil or glycerin based, and is used for hair and skin. Of course, that is if you can afford it – otherwise you can simply avoid the heavy shampoos and use basic clay based shampoos.

7 thoughts on “Hair Soap, the True Way of Scalp Renewal

  1. in the older times, people actually used to use soap for everything. it never made sense to me, if you can apply it on skin, why not hair?

    My grandfather lived in Africa and they also used a kind of hair soap which was said to be great for hair renewal and skin renewal (same thing in eastern medicine).

    I will be ordering mine later today. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Randall, the website deliver worldwide and the only supplier of this soap. Thanks for your comment and hope you get the soap.

  3. you cannot buy it in canada – you have to buy it online. Please do not re-post the same question again as this was already answered.

  4. The website you quote to buy taoist soap isn’t available anymore. Do you of anyone else who supplies the taoist soap?

  5. The site seemed to have been down for a while, but working for me now. They are the only suppliers of this soap.

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