Healing from the Inside Out

Healing Faster than ever


What is the fastest way to heal from disease? Is there an approach or way of thinking, that would help with accelerating healing from conditions (emotionally or physically or any other way)?

Curing yourself from cancer, or from other conditions requires the right approach and mindset – otherwise, efforts will be wasted, energy will be wasted, and the results will be half assed and not get you anywhere.

The danger lies with having the wrong mindset which will prevent your healing before you even realize the correct mindset in the first place – an incorrect mindset can close up the body to any efforts to healing completely, whatever the condition is, it simply will not help, so understanding why mindsets are important, is crucial to a better life for yourself and others.


How does a mindset help with healing? Does it even help at all?

Researchers who are in Quantum physics actually know this better than most people – the studies that they conduct, can be influenced by the intention of the person observing the study or research being carried out – his very expectation can change the entire outcome of the study – this has been repeatedly done and now confirmed that the observer’s mindset, and expectation are already enough energy to affect particles at an atomic level to change the outcome of the study itself!  Click here to be taken to an article which talks about this.

This of course is not very visible in everyday life as clearly as it is when research is being carried out and observed at an atomic level.

So what is a healing mindset?

A healing mindset is something where you work on the “doing” part – your view on your health is not to “survive” because that still is a mindset that will not help with healing and only make it worse – even the mindset of saying to “fight disease” is also a mindset that will only accelerate the condition – often you hear people talk about “fighting cancer” and so on, this approach is not the way to go about disease and approaching healing; this applies to emotional healing, healing wounds as well as healing conditions that are invading your body.

A better approach is to coexist with the disease; rather than fight it, give it the right to exist, but not in your body right now – yes, I know it sounds like “fighting” it, but there is a fine line between the two. So welcome the disease, but only AFTER your lifetime.

So to enhance and tonify your body to the extent that cancer (or any disease) simply cannot exist in it. Thinking that you are going to “make it” or “survive” will actually put your body in a stressful mode, and this only accelerates the disease progression – so simply working on being alive, focusing on life, rather than death – focus on actions and being open to various methods of treatment; this will allow your body to be open to any form of healing (be it via nutrition, western medicine, eastern medicine or simply be being happy and changing your lifestyle).

This is the mental aspect of approaching times of being unwell – the least you can do is be open to things, rather than be skeptical.



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