My Story – Reaching Ultimate Health and Human Potential

As a teenager growing up – I read a lot of literature on different religions; it was the only way to feed my hunger on exploring the possibility of unknown human potential, and perhaps a guide on how to get there. After all, conventional science requires you to have “evidence” that can be recorded in a certain limited way – anything outside it, is a “myth” – this is where science CAN be limiting.

Being a teenager, I had my own ups and downs as any regular teenager would, including hating the way I looked. I hated my physical body – the self hate was so extreme, it was beyond surgery – I felt it was “unfair” that nature would create me (or another fellow human) as someone inferior, by looks,  by personality or by any other “measure” we have invented today.

All religions I read about, said God created man equal – especially my birth religion of Islam – but then how can people view me as inferior? (At the time, my belief of God was that of a separate entity, disconnected from us).


Whilst watching a TV show (BBC) on weight loss about a lady losing weight, I thought to myself, just another fat loss story – losing weight may make you thinner, but would not “add” to your looks – my self talk was very judgemental, but it was my blessing (in its own way) – why?

Because 2 weeks into her regime, she had completely transformed! I don’t mean her weight loss (which was very minimal), It was the changes on her face and skin – she suddenly had the warmth of youth that we all have as children; her eyes were bright, and sparkly – If it was a photograph of her, I would not have believed it – even if she was wearing make-up (or entirely different clothes), I would not have believed it – this was something unseen, and I was wondering if anyone else is seeing what I am seeing – this women, which my negative self talk judged as “unattractive”, suddenly become beautiful!

This is when I realized why all humans are equal – because we have the power inside us, to create. I won’t say more than this – the deeper message in this post will remain for you to discover – I wouldn’t want to spoil your own journey, just like I wouldn’t want to be told the plot to a film I’m about to watch.