Ultimate Healing Secrets: Broken Heart? Negative Emotions?

Emotional healing is probably the most ignored aspect of healing – we always talk about healing from cancer or even from a kidney transplant – This post is dedicated to creating awareness of how emotional health can be a significant contributing factor towards recovery from physical diseases (and the cause of them too!).

The question really narrows down to; how can you heal emotionally?

After years of taking hits, starting from disappointed parents in your childhood, to broken dreams, broken relationships and even abusive relationships… can a heart even fully recover from such abuse?


Obviously there is a positive answer to this; otherwise I would not be writing this post, instead I’d be wondering in some Library, Google and even the wild jungles of the Amazon to find an answer.

I would like to refer to  the 7 Chakras as a platform in assisting healing – The 7 Chakras concept exists in almost every ancient civilization (in one way or another), but its understanding in relation to healing has never been completely understood; partly because it is also a guarded secret in certain Eastern Clans. Yes, I am talking about the 7 Energy Centers (or Chakras) within the human body.

These chakras are energy centers starting from the Root Chakra (where you expel waste and are “rooted” like a tree) right to the top Crown Chakra. There are many names for the chakras, but I will refer to them in numbers (First chakra starting from the bottom – as numbers also play a part in this magnificent system).

When talking about healing, each chakra relates to the organs nearby – so the heart chakra (or fourth chakra) issues will be in the heart and lungs – this applies to physical health problems as well as emotional and spiritual.

“…why else would people say, God heals all….whilst pointing upwards….”

The first chakra (Root) is enveloped by the second chakra; the second chakra is enveloped by the third chakra, and so on. This is important to understand, especially when talking about healing.

Let’s say you areheart broken, to process and heal your emotions (which is the fourth chakra) you simply need to use something from the chakra above, in this case, the throat chakra (or fifth chakra). The throat chakra is responsible for sound, and we all know that “talking about it” actually helps in the healing process of a broken heart – along with listening to music (both aspects belong to the throat chakra).

It is important to study the chakra system if you really want to master healing your body – and it is vital to understand that the chakra above, envelops the chakra below – powerful healing generally works from top to bottom; why else would people say……”God heals all….whilst pointing upwards”.

The Chakra system works on many levels – it is not linear like text books; there is a lot to understand before you can use it for healing effectively – but it is difficult to find accurate text books on the topic – I will soon upload a video explaining how to use the chakra system for healing and other things in life – keep an eye out for that.



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