Vegetarian vs Raw Foodists vs Meat Eaters


On almost every health forum, there is a heated debate, on one side, vegetarians argue why they are right, and meat eaters argue their side of the story and of course the raw foodists.

Is there an ideal diet for humans?

Every human has had their own set of unique experiences in life and how they think – each persons nutritional requirements differ because of this very reason. This is because each of us has varying intensities of emotions, in turn, hormone/adrenaline glads reactions because of those specific releases combined with the unique diet that each of us consumes – leading to absorption of different types of nutrients, vitamins, minerals in different ways – all over a period of time (your specific age).

I don’t feel there is a specific one fit all diet, and it also depends on the individual’s personal goals – what does he/she want to achieve? Healing? What organ is that healing associated with? What organs support that organ that needs healing? Fitness goals? What type? aerobic or anaerobic?

Let’s take a look at nature, at how animals change their diet according to their personal needs; some birds have been found to completely change their diet from insects (their normal diet) to anti-oxidant rich berries, just before their winter migrations.

It was previously thought that birds switch to berries just to increase their calorie intake before a long journey, but according to researchers, that did not seem to explain it enough.

“The results support the hypothesis that some migratory birds may actively select deeply pigmented fruits as a signal for meals that are rich in antioxidants. These disease-fighting antioxidants may help the birds combat stress and inflammation that they experience during long flights.”Researcher Navindra Seeram of the University of Rhode Island

The birds favorite berry was arrowwood, which researchers found to be the highest in antioxidants and pigments of all berries tested. The berry contained 650% more pigment than the average of the other 11 berries put together, and 150% more antioxidants.

This is a good example of changing your diet for specific purposes, hence the reason I have never promoted just one kind of diet unlike other health blogs – the correct diet should only depend on your goals and whether your “flying south” or not – I don’t feel there is a one diet that fits all.

Do you think there is a one type of diet that fits all? and what are your reasons for or against?


One thought on “Vegetarian vs Raw Foodists vs Meat Eaters

  1. Yes you are totally right bro! Something that works for one, might not work for another. But I feel that one type of “diet” (If you wanna call it that) suits all and it´s —> The more natural stuff you put in your mouth the better, no matter if it´s meat / vegetables or whatever it is you enjoy stuffing there 😀 Though even more crucial is to be in alignment with your highest joy, passion and true self taking all in with Love no matter what it is. That´s why some people can eat almost anything and be healthier than people who do almost everything to be healthy, but still don´t thrive in the ways they should concerning their food and liquid intake 🙂 Bless UP o/

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