What is the Best Natural oil for Skin (including Wrinkles)

Best Oil For Wrinkles

The best natural oil for wrinkles (or skin generally) is one popular term searched on google, and we have just the answer that will get you excited about anti-aging products like never before.

The currently best and most effective natural oil for skin and wrinkles is called the Immortal’s Oil (via ImmortalsOil.com) – it is formed from a plant that is so rare, that it has not yet even been named by scientists – and only one company has been given permission to extract the oil for resale in small quantities.

In our previous blog post we talked about the best oils for hair growth, and mentioned the Immortal’s oil as a hair growth oil – in Chinese medicine, skin and hair are actually categorized in the same category, and generally consider what is good for the skin, is also good for the hair, and vice versa.

The Immortal’s oil bottles last a very long time, so you only need 2-3 bottles and you are set for a while, at least until you see reasonable results – from improving wrinkles to changing the tone and texture of your skin to a more youthful glow and appearance.

It is important to understand that a restricted diet is important in this, as well as stress management (where you manage your thoughts in a way that it does not bother your emotional stability).

So is the Immortal’s Oil enough to remove wrinkles on my face, and or prevent aging skin?


The answer is not always simple – because to stay in perfect health, one must do everything they can – and health really is true beauty. So if you take care of your diet (restrict calories) and take care of your exercise plans (yoga, qigong and others), as well as your mind (meditation etc) – then it is hard to age in a bad way – this is how some people manage to look very young even in their late 50s because they just happen to have taken care of these factors in their life.

So yes, Immortal’s Oil is a powerful tool to help you accelerate towards your goal – but you cannot start binge eating sugars and not exercise and expect to get results – its the modern world, we already understand this now.

Eating a clean diet which is generally full of nutrients – this is important to understand, most people do not know what nutrients are, and what plants have them in their highest levels, so its vital you take a personal responsibility to look into this and research about nutrient density – generally, organic foods are higher nutritional value than non-organic – but its not always true, as I have seen garlic which is completely impotent compared to average garlic which is grown in pesticides (you can tell because the more fragrant garlics are more potent – this does not always apply to other foods however so research it).

When using the Immortal’s Oil, how to best use it for preventing wrinkles or removing wrinkles, or simply making the skin appear younger and more beautiful?

You generally apply a few drops of the oil at night time and massage into the scalp (if you want better quality thicker hair). This is done daily for the first 2-3 months, then you can reduce it for another 3 months and so on.

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