What is the Best Oil for Hair Growth?

Best Oil For Hair Growth


Looking for the best oil for hair growth but can’t seem to find the right place with reviews for all the top most used oils for hair growth, and their results for men and women?

At Humancure we analyse all the top oils, their reviews given by people in forums as well as first hand data by experiments conducted by our teams located worldwide including Dana Faber College of Harvard University.

The most known, and most effective are as follows:

1. Immortal’s Oil for Hair Growth

This is the most powerful oil that we have found for accelerating hair growth, as well as thickening and pushing new hair growth on areas where hair once used to be – this oil is only sold by one manufacturer – the oil can only be produced in only a few select environments on the planet, which allows for highest nutritional density to allow to sooth inflammation as well as stop hair loss if the person using it has it – if the user does not have hair loss, it is still an ideal oil to use to help promote hair growth – results are often seen in 60-90 days depending on diet and exercise of the user (as blood circulation of the general body also helps with this).

The only place you can buy the Immortal’s Oil is from here.


2. Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

This is the second top rated oil that we have found that helps sooth hair loss – although not as effective as the Immortal’s Oil above, it still is a great oil to have to use for days you want a change from using the Immortal’s oil. This helps because it does not allow the body to build up resistance to the anti-inflammatory properties found in the oil.


3. Castor Oil for Hair growth

Castor oil’s thickness on its own prevents it from being used as a top oil for increasing hair growth – but this oil is still 3rd most powerful if combined with another oil to lighten up the thickness of it – problem is, if you use it regularly, it might inflame the skin on the scalp, so you have to use it sparingly to prevent the inflammation to get in – this is still an okay oil to use a couple of times a month, but for serious hair growth, it is better to to stick with the Immortal’s Oil and use it as regularly as possible for at least 30-90 days to gain the full benefits of its power.


Does this mean oil on its own has the power to re-grow hair?

Yes and no – you have to be sensible about things, and cannot rely only on one methodology to help with hair regrowth or even speeding hair growth (as a man or women) – it is better to take a holistic approach and correct your diet, your exercise regime should be around 3-4 times a week – and at least everyday where you walk for 30 minutes or more – circulation in the general body is increased this way, and allows faster and better renewal of cells that are dividing and replicating our DNA.





2 thoughts on “What is the Best Oil for Hair Growth?

  1. Hi. I have chronic telgum affluvium and have removed the offending cause from my life a couple of months ago and now am hoping for full recovery. If I use immortal oil and then i stop using it will I lose the hair that has regrown (like Ive read about minoxidil)?

  2. No, Immortal’s oil works by tonifying the scalp and hair follicles, stopping use after reaching your desired results will not have any negative effect, and the results will be maintained. But you should still keep a healthy lifestyle.

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