Why Age is really just a number – Health Secrets Revealed!

I don’t understand why health professionals use physical age to measure someone’s health; how many beats your heart should beat, what symptoms are “natural”, based on your age (back aches, bone aches, death? etc); this method of calculating ageing may sound logical, but how accurate is it? is this method preventing you to seeing other possibilities?

Think of physical age – its just a theory that says “after 365 days, I will be 1 year older” – older being defined as someone with a weaker immune system, weaker health and less physically attractive.
Let’s say if the above is accurate, why do we have people that are 40 years old, but look like they are in their 20s? Why do we have older athletes that outperform younger ones?

The picture below is of Araceli Gonzalez – a model and actress from Argentina – she is over 40 years old and has a 20 year old daughter. Would you say she has a weak immune system? (I’m not saying younger looking people have a powerful immune system, but I’m saying its very unlikely)


So, what is a better way to calculate age?

Its called biological age; this measures the damage to your body already done by attempting to look at your eating habits, exercise routines as well as mental health – remind you of anything? ( mind, body and spirit)

Don’t go off searching for “biological age calculators” as they are not accurate – the only biological age calculator that you can use is YOU . Not a doctor, not a psychic, but you! (it is your body, right?) How do you do that? Short answer: meditation.

“With this increased level of consciousness, you are able to SEE yourself, and heal yourself and live a quality life that every human being deserves”

Long answer: Thankfully for you sceptics (who I love!), there is a ton of research done on people who meditate regularly – they look 10-20+ years younger than people who do not – and generally live longer too!

What do I mean by meditation?

Meditation is not just sitting on a rock in lotus position and thinking nothing (although that sounds soooooo good).

People seem to miss the point whenever the topic of meditation arises – meditation changes your brain physically as well as your brain wave activity, permanently; this has a direct effect on the body (remember, mind-body connection?) The effects include:

– Steady awareness of your body (how it reacts to food, environment and emotions)

– Increased awareness allows you to locate problem areas which are sometimes hidden e.g. an emotionally draining partner can be located and disposed! Foods that drain your body, rather than empower it, will literally FEEL that they are sucking out your energy!

With this increased level of consciousness, you are able to SEE yourself, and heal yourself and live a quality life that every human being deserves.



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