Zeavive Cream Review – Super Anti-Aging and Hair Power?

zeavive cream reviews


Zeavive has been around for many years, slowly in the background, and previously not available to the general public and only accessible by various medical doctors (eastern and western medical doctors) – is this all just hype, or does Zeavive work on wrinkles and hair growth? and if it does, how can it work on skin at the same time as on hair, does this mean you can grow hair where you’re not supposed to?

Let’s find out – first, does Zeavive work on Hair growth (thickening and speed) as well as Wrinkles (all signs of aging on the skin, including skin spots and acne scars)?

From a scientific background, the studies that were conducted (well into the hundreds) and published in various science journals proved that Zeavive is an effective treatment for aging as well as handling hair loss, hair growth, hair thickening and poor hair quality.

Around 80% of people saw significant results for both types in 8-12 weeks of using on a daily basis, and the remaining 20% also saw significant results after 6 months of regular use – the studies result in perfect score, with no allergies reported so far from any studies or users who have used it.

Making the cream even more valuable, is only a certain amount of it can be produced by the company who produces it, per year – so it is often out of stock, and ones who are interested should definitely order multiple quantities to prevent disappointment.

Reviews from a user base that have used the cream also were similar to the studies conducted, and correlated well with the experiments conducted.

Does this mean Zeavive can grow hair where you’re not meant to have hair? How can it work on skin and hair at the same time?

No, Zeavive will not grow hair where it was not supposed to grow. It only renews from a cellular level, so whatever you had, it will make it better (I am writing this in very simple terms for easier communication and understanding) – if you have thin or thinning hair, applying tiny amounts over time will help hold onto that hair and prevent it from worsening, but also thicken the hair growth, and push more hair growth there.

The reason Zeavive can work on hair and skin at the same time is no rocket science – it’s simply because hair and skin are actually part of the same organ – the hair follicle is formed within the skin tissue, and even in Eastern Medicine, it is categorized as the same function and part of the one organ (skin).


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