Acid Reflux Causes and Natural Cure (Powerful)



Acid reflux is more of a modern man’s problem – as you cannot really get it, if you aren’t stressed enough; for a long enough term. It starts with the diaphragm tightening up, sometimes chest tightness, and occasional acid reflux, and then increased acid reflux.

Although we don’t recommend self diagnosis on the internet – so if you stumbled on this article for the sake of self diagnosis, please don’t – always rely on a professional eastern medical doctor or a western medical doctor – as they have studied this fully – that said, if you know you suffer from acid reflux, and want a natural solution – there actually is one, and one that works from the first day!

Causes of acid reflux are not over-production of acid, as many seem to think – it is the acid leaking up to the esophagus, which then hurts it and burns. Sometimes this can be worsened if your diaphragm is tight (and shallow breathing), as well as constipation or gassy stomach (bloating) – which pushes the stomach upwards, and may squeeze acid upwards.

What is the best way to stop acid reflux you say?

Acid production is an important part of your health – so taking prescription pills to stop acid production is the worst thing you can do – the most natural way to help this condition is eating more meat – and avoiding all and every carb and fat for a few days totally – you will see, not only will your ulcer disappear and heal, but your acid reflux will also go.

Do not mix carbs and meat together either – this will make it worse (improve stomach health with bone soup article)- so go out and do  BBQ with lean meats, like beef steaks or chicken or whatever – but avoid fatty parts of meat as they do not help – you also have to avoid all sugars, natural or otherwise, for a small amount of time (1 to 3 months at least).

isolated raw beefsteak



Why does meat cure acid reflux? What does it do?

Meat is the one ingredient or food, that requires acidity in the stomach to be high, for it to digest – but not only that – if consuming meat for a period of time, it also allows repair of the intestinal wall, and esophagus itself (as it gets a break from being constantly hit by acid) – it is similar to how fasting works, but you are providing proteins whilst reducing acidity naturally and only temporarily, to directly heal the stomach.

UPDATE (November 2015): If you have been suffering from acid reflux, you are more prone to hair thinning problems – please read this article to help you work on this aspect as well.

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