2 Socially Accepted Habits that will Shorten your Lifespan

After a conversation with a friend, who seemed to think that supplements such as vitamins should only be taken when you are already at the peak of exercise and eating right, I realized how easily we can fall into the trap of socially acceptable habits (or thought patterns) which lead to faster aging, and progression of disease. 

This post is inspired from that conversation – and I hope it will help improve your quality of life, not only life span.

1. Vitamins and Supplements are only for people who already exercise and eat properly

The idea that you should only take supplements when you are at the peak of fitness, or peak of eating and exercising as best as you can, to make the most of supplements is heavily flawed and is often socially acceptable as people think “I already have my veggies everyday, and eat healthy” or something like “I don’t exercise enough to have a higher nutrient requirement” – these are very dangerous ways of thinking.

The problems with this type of thinking is as follows:

  • Nutrition: Vegetables that grow today (organic or otherwise) are many times less nutrient dense, than they were 20-30 years ago, let alone a 100 years ago. This is due to environment change and intensive farming practices due to population growth, without enough knowledge and know-how on restoring the land’s nutrient and mineral quality.
  • Environment: The Human environment has changed radically in the last 20-30 years. Stress levels of the average human in a developed society is so high, that some scientists say that we are at schizophrenic stress levels. Increased stress uses up more nutrients in the body, whether you exercise or not – you already know that the brain is the biggest calorie consumer, so it is not a big leap in realizing that a stressed brain will consume even more!

The reason for the above is not necessarily negative – it is simply a changing environment – which is the nature of nature – and life’s basic purpose, is to take what is around, and adopt and co-exist with the new environment and then, if possible, thrive as well!

Supplementing from vitamins is essential in the time we live – and a basic vitamin everyone should take is B-complex vitamins – the most expensive ones they can afford – as a general rule, more expensive means better quality.

2. Beef is not good for you, and Red meat can Cause Cancer

There is a widespread misunderstanding about meat and especially about beef – there are studies which have said that red meat increases the growth rate of cancer cells – problem is, it is obvious it would, but it is not just cancer cells, it is all cells – this is what the study does not tell you!

This means faster renewal of cells as the amino acids from beef are the most bioavailable, so yes, of course it will increase renewal in all types of cells, even cancer – this does not mean it is unhealthy or will cause cancer – the causes of cancer is complicated, and if you really want to avoid everything that may cause cancer, then you might as well stop breathing, because they have also said oxygen causes cancer!

Cancer cells are just super cells in your body designed to handle the stress factors that your body previously could not handle – it won’t kill you if your whole body became that in one instant – it would mean you have just upgraded your body to handle the stress factors which caused it, be it emotion, chemical or combination of those.

This study proves that beef is the most bioavailable for the body – this means that after an intense exercise session, eating beef will rebuild muscle tears faster than anything else. Not only that, but an organ that has been depleted from amino acids, will have a better chance at regenerating faster.

Another thing to note – growing age kids will benefit from this too, and help at high quality amino acids which are most bioavailable to their bodies to develop muscles, bones and health organs.

Please share this with friends and family if you found it useful – it will help create awareness of things we often accept without questioning.



Anxiety and how it affects Hair thinning

Anxiety is often talked about as a mental health issue, however there is very little information out there that says how it affects your body – this includes not only your hair, but also your organs and endocrine system as well as the nervous system.

If you imagine someone at constant anxiety, their heart rate alone would increase due to their fear, and for that to happen, adrenal glands will have to be firing away at full throttle – this over long term, will deplete kidneys and cause aging at a faster rate – this means white hair, as well as hair thinning.

After the hormonal system is affected, it takes some time for it to become an adopted by the body – as a natural state of being – so this no longer remains just a mental issue, as now the body is geared towards staying in this state – so even if the person is simply sitting down with nothing to be anxious about, their body will still be in a state of anxiety, and they will still feel anxiety as a natural state of being – this is when we say the pattern has become an adopted pattern, and changing this requires a lot of effort as you will have to do things that feel unnatural and not normal for your body type until it becomes the new adopted pattern of your body.

When the hormones are affected from anxiety, this also then affects hair and skin quality directly – nutrient absorption can also be affected, which means it further affects skin and hair as this is first to go, if nutrients are low.


Protein Diet – The Do’s and Dont’s

There is a lot of misinformation about the protein diet out there – so this article was written to clarify what the diet is, what the benefits of a protein diet are, medically and cosmetically; as well as how to use the protein diet for your health.

The protein diet is so simple, that people end up getting confused if that is what the protein diet is – it literally is eating only lean fat free lean meats with beef at the top priority, combined with any leafy green (spinach, kale and so on).

Okay, let me do this again – for clarity’s sake.

What is the Protein Diet?

It consists of the following foods to be eaten (nothing else):

  • Beef (fat free as possible) – This is a must, and should not be omitted from the diet, as the diet will fail otherwise.
  • Lamb (fat free parts only)
  • Chicken (no skin part)
  • White Fish
  • Combined with all types of leafy greens (not fruits, not other vegetables)
  • Garlic and light amount of salt is okay for marinating

What does the Protein Diet help with?

The protein diet helps with a huge range of conditions such as the following below, but not limited to it:

  • Hormone Imbalance (men and women)
  • Sugar Addiction
  • Insulin and Diabetes
  • Hair Growth
  • Skin Disorders
  • Menstrual cycle problems
  • Heart Valve Issues
  • Nutritional Absorption Issues
  • Cosmetic Improvement (Looking younger)

Rules of the Protein Diet

The protein diet is a tough diet to be on – and if you have any kind of sugar addiction, it will get rid of it within 7 days of being on the diet.

The diet should be followed for as long as you have the condition you are working to resolve – as this will help at a cellular level and provide the building blocks needed for recovery.

In today’s time of junk food and various ingredients used in processed foods, we have way too many foods with hidden ingredients which could be affecting our health – this diet is one way to really detox from it – it isn’t for the faint hearted.

Is the Protein diet the same or similar to the Paleo Diet?

This is often something that people ask about – and yes, whilst it is similar, it has a different purpose to the Paleo diet – the protein diet is meant to be set for a certain amount of time, and then you should be able to go back to your eating various  kinds of foods, even sugar to a small extent – the Protein diet is a medical diet, not a lifestyle like the Paleo diet.


Recover from Exhaustion in just one meal

recover from exhuastion foods


The fastest way to restore your tiredness using food, is by the legendary (but not so commonly known) as the chicken ginseng and astragalus soup – there are many versions of it, but this specific version is the one that is known for restoring your vitality (you basically feel great after eating), especially if you have been overworking and haven’t been eating the healthiest of foods (nutritionally dense foods) – the coolest thing about it is, its very easy to cook – hard to go wrong in this.

It is a Korean food – so going to this recipe will help you make it in the best way possible – but you need to add one ingredient to make this work more effectively (which the recipe does not talk about) – and it is called Huang Qi, and can be found in asian stores all over the world (and it’s cheap) – more details about this herb located here.

The important ingredients are ginseng (can be in dry form), Jujube berry (2 of them per baby chicken), Huang Qi and the fact that in needs a very low heat, for a long time – you cook it for several hours, even the chicken bone is soft enough to eat!

Obviously there are many types of food out there that can help someone recover from exhaustion – the reason I post about this specific one, as this is as much a medicine as it is a food, and from my experience, it is one of the best foods you can regularly eat.