2 Socially Accepted Habits that will Shorten your Lifespan

After a conversation with a friend, who seemed to think that supplements such as vitamins should only be taken when you are already at the peak of exercise and eating right, I realized how easily we can fall into the trap of socially acceptable habits (or thought patterns) which lead to faster aging, and progression of disease. 

This post is inspired from that conversation – and I hope it will help improve your quality of life, not only life span.

1. Vitamins and Supplements are only for people who already exercise and eat properly

The idea that you should only take supplements when you are at the peak of fitness, or peak of eating and exercising as best as you can, to make the most of supplements is heavily flawed and is often socially acceptable as people think “I already have my veggies everyday, and eat healthy” or something like “I don’t exercise enough to have a higher nutrient requirement” – these are very dangerous ways of thinking.

The problems with this type of thinking is as follows:

  • Nutrition: Vegetables that grow today (organic or otherwise) are many times less nutrient dense, than they were 20-30 years ago, let alone a 100 years ago. This is due to environment change and intensive farming practices due to population growth, without enough knowledge and know-how on restoring the land’s nutrient and mineral quality.
  • Environment: The Human environment has changed radically in the last 20-30 years. Stress levels of the average human in a developed society is so high, that some scientists say that we are at schizophrenic stress levels. Increased stress uses up more nutrients in the body, whether you exercise or not – you already know that the brain is the biggest calorie consumer, so it is not a big leap in realizing that a stressed brain will consume even more!

The reason for the above is not necessarily negative – it is simply a changing environment – which is the nature of nature – and life’s basic purpose, is to take what is around, and adopt and co-exist with the new environment and then, if possible, thrive as well!

Supplementing from vitamins is essential in the time we live – and a basic vitamin everyone should take is B-complex vitamins – the most expensive ones they can afford – as a general rule, more expensive means better quality.

2. Beef is not good for you, and Red meat can Cause Cancer

There is a widespread misunderstanding about meat and especially about beef – there are studies which have said that red meat increases the growth rate of cancer cells – problem is, it is obvious it would, but it is not just cancer cells, it is all cells – this is what the study does not tell you!

This means faster renewal of cells as the amino acids from beef are the most bioavailable, so yes, of course it will increase renewal in all types of cells, even cancer – this does not mean it is unhealthy or will cause cancer – the causes of cancer is complicated, and if you really want to avoid everything that may cause cancer, then you might as well stop breathing, because they have also said oxygen causes cancer!

Cancer cells are just super cells in your body designed to handle the stress factors that your body previously could not handle – it won’t kill you if your whole body became that in one instant – it would mean you have just upgraded your body to handle the stress factors which caused it, be it emotion, chemical or combination of those.

This study proves that beef is the most bioavailable for the body – this means that after an intense exercise session, eating beef will rebuild muscle tears faster than anything else. Not only that, but an organ that has been depleted from amino acids, will have a better chance at regenerating faster.

Another thing to note – growing age kids will benefit from this too, and help at high quality amino acids which are most bioavailable to their bodies to develop muscles, bones and health organs.

Please share this with friends and family if you found it useful – it will help create awareness of things we often accept without questioning.



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