Healing with Food: Bone Broth

bone soup reciepe

There are only a few foods that have stood the test of time for their properties for healing and renewing the body – As you already know, I have talked about the power of bone soup in my previous article “Health Reset Button – Bone Soup“.

So if you haven’t read the previous post, please do read it, as it covers some basics on bone soup. For benefits of bone soup, there are countless, from beauty to faster recovery time when sick; it also renews your stomach and helps heal ulcers in the stomach. There are endless benefits, and on top of that, it actually tastes very yummy!

Since my last post, many of you have asked me for more details on the recipe (which is vital, if you want the legendary healing of the food, and not just as a food to eat) and although I gave a general idea on its basics and what you really need, I want to introduce you to the most powerful recipe book you can own, and it’s called Bone Deep Broth: Healing Recipes with Bone Broth by Taylor Chen and Lya Mojica – it was just launched recently (Jan 7th 2016).

You can buy the book at Amazon here for my UK readers; for US Readers, you can go to the US Amazon. The book covers aspects that I did not cover, and are important if you want to use bone soup in many ways – for kids and adults, and variations of the original recipe, whilst keeping the main healing properties you need to have to get the benefits.

Making bone soup is easy, but there are various aspects of cooking which this book covers that are not always understood, and they are assumed you already know them (but many don’t know them) – some people refer to them as secrets of cooking; things like adding salt just before eating the soup, rather than during cooking or serving makes a huge difference in healing properties of the soup and gaining benefits from the salt for your health.

In case you’re wondering, it’s related to the salt attaching itself to the impurities in the food instead of being used to detoxify your body (yes Salt is powerful – See article here on “12 Reasons Salt makes you Invincible“). To conclude, you can have bone soup everyday, and get all the nutrients you need, THAT is how nutrient dense it is – what are you waiting for? Go buy some high quality organic grass fed bones and get cooking!

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