Inflammation: Root of the Aging Process


Inflammation has been known for a long time, but still many people do not understand it – so let us first explain what on earth is inflammation, and what does it do to the human body?

Inflammation as commonly understood as “reddening” of the skin surface – but this is not entirely accurate, as inflammation can still be present even if there is no reddening, often called cold inflammation, which cannot be seen or felt (usually inside the body rather than on the surface of the skin).

Inflammation is already understood to be the root cause of most diseases, let alone the fact that it is what takes a large percentage of control in the aging process and how we age – if you can control inflammation, or reduce greatly, you control your aging process and how you look and feel when you are much older, including how thick your hair grows, as our older article talks about – the picture below shows an example of inflammation for heart disease.



So how do you control or stop inflammation naturally?

Inflammation feeds off from sugar – sugar being defined as natural sugar (fruits), processed sugar (the one you use for your coffee and tea), fats (animals and non-animal fats) and carbohydrates (pasta, rice, bread etc) – so for inflammation to even occur, it needs food from the above sources to even start to a large extent.

A diet control in this can definitely help as we talked about in the protein diet article and how it can renew your body and hormones.

The other important factor to take into consideration is – exercise. Only recently inflammation and exercise have a link – if you exercise, then inflammation is reduced – but you didn’t need a study to prove that – it’s common sense – if you move, there is less fats and sugar in the body wondering around on what to do, they just get used up with the movement, and also increased blood circulation which gets rids of the toxins that cause inflammation (sugar becomes┬átoxins when it is at an unhealthy high level). The article here explains how exercise and inflammation are linked and what studies have been done.

Does this mean you have to stay on the protein diet forever?

Not really – the problem only is that you have been in the sugar diet for so long, that you have to do the opposite for some time (from 3 months to 2 years) to correct that imbalance and allow the body time and nutrients to repair itself – if you are a vegetarian, and have inflammation problems, you should consider going on a meat based protein diet until you are better – for the purpose of medicine and healing, it is okay to┬ádo this if you have tried and nothing else is working.

What other things can one do to stop inflammation?

The other things you can do to help stop and reduce inflammation are things like massage (which helps improve circulation) – exercise (As already mentioned), epsom salt baths once a month or if foot baths then daily.

You can also take a pain-killer like aspirin once a day to help this – I know it is strange that we recommend a pharmaceutical capsule in a natural healing blog, but this capsule’s ingredients were discovered through a plant – and in this time and age, this will help inflammation – so don’t try to ride out the pain when you are in pain, or know that you have inflammation (most likely you do if you don’t exercise and eat clean diet as well as detox regularly).

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