Eastern (Holistic) Medicine vs Western Medicine

east vs west

There is a war going on between western and eastern medicine – but there shouldn’t be – let’s go through it step by step.

Western approach to medicine is often looking at an object and cutting it up, and seeing whats inside to see what it does – and to understand it that way – to some extent, we understand things this way, and it helps (for some things) – but if you are trying to understand your friend’s problem, would you cut him up to see what’s inside? or talk to him and find out what he?she has to say?

Sometimes some thing make sense at first glance – but to understand things, it is important to take it to an extreme to really understand what is going on.

For example – conventional science is based on results and “proof” – and without this, there is nothing credible. This entirely limits a person’s view on life and how it works, IF this is adopted as the only approach – instead, it should be part of an approach, not the only approach.

Example below of scientific approach being flawed:

Fish in tank water – scientist wants to know if fish can survive without water if water is slowly taken out over long period of time; they slowly take 1 teaspoon of water out every week or so – and when the water is barely left, conclude that the fish has learnt to survive with less water, and looks like it will eventually learn to survive without water.

We all know what happens when you take away the last few amounts of water remaining in the tank – but according to science, it will be concluded that fish can eventually survive without a fish tank if water is taken out slowly.

This does not mean science is wrong – it means we must understand it’s limitations and be conscious of other possibilities and ways of calculations, including holistic approaches that are out there – even holistic approaches have limitations, each their own – for example, acupuncture is a type of holistic approach, but its limitation depends greatly on the practitioner and their knowledge.

The topic of acupuncture is so wide, and with so many approaches, one practitioner can be 100% different from another – hence it is difficult to regulate, although steps are being made to regulate such a system, it is very difficult to do so, as there are many ways to the top of the mountain; just like that, there are many ways to cure a human being from their misalignment, each way has its limitations or expenses or time frames – this should be consciously understood.

Please share this post if you find it helpful – it is intended to create awareness of all respectable medical systems, and all have their positions in society (western and eastern), and both will play a major part in evolving our individual health as well as global health.


“medicine is taking away suffering” – Unknown



4 thoughts on “Eastern (Holistic) Medicine vs Western Medicine

  1. Your fish in water analogy is really dumb. Anyone with half a brain cell would see that there is an order of magnitude distinction between going from a lot of water to a little water, as opposed to going from a little water to no water at all.
    Your understanding of the scientific method here sounds more like reductio ad absurdum.

  2. @Roger – what is dumb about this? This is how statistics are carried out and correlations are created – which is what I am pointing towards. If they see that the fish lives with less and less water – the correlation seems that over time, there may be a possibility of fish living without water – it’s a simplified example so even an idiot can understand.
    Your reaction is more of an offended persons, rather than someone who is trying to understand or discuss something.

  3. I’m not offended but I agree with Roger. The fish tank analogy is poor. Fish can live in the ocean and in fish tanks, but this doesn’t lead to the conclusion that they don’t need water. Why not choose a real example of the misuse of statistics?

  4. its not my conclusion. its an example of how a statistical study can be misleading. its made ridiculous on purpose to show how misleading statistics can be, if the person making a report wants it to look like something.

    please read it carefully.

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