Eastern (Holistic) Medicine vs Western Medicine

east vs west

There is a war going on between western and eastern medicine – but there shouldn’t be – let’s go through it step by step.

Western approach to medicine is often looking at an object and cutting it up, and seeing whats inside to see what it does – and to understand it that way – to some extent, we understand things this way, and it helps (for some things) – but if you are trying to understand your friend’s problem, would you cut him up to see what’s inside? or talk to him and find out what he?she has to say?

Sometimes some thing make sense at first glance – but to understand things, it is important to take it to an extreme to really understand what is going on.

For example – conventional science is based on results and “proof” – and without this, there is nothing credible. This entirely limits a person’s view on life and how it works, IF this is adopted as the only approach – instead, it should be part of an approach, not the only approach.

Example below of scientific approach being flawed:

Fish in tank water – scientist wants to know if fish can survive without water if water is slowly taken out over long period of time; they slowly take 1 teaspoon of water out every week or so – and when the water is barely left, conclude that the fish has learnt to survive with less water, and looks like it will eventually learn to survive without water.

We all know what happens when you take away the last few amounts of water remaining in the tank – but according to science, it will be concluded that fish can eventually survive without a fish tank if water is taken out slowly.

This does not mean science is wrong – it means we must understand it’s limitations and be conscious of other possibilities and ways of calculations, including holistic approaches that are out there – even holistic approaches have limitations, each their own – for example, acupuncture is a type of holistic approach, but its limitation depends greatly on the practitioner and their knowledge.

The topic of acupuncture is so wide, and with so many approaches, one practitioner can be 100% different from another – hence it is difficult to regulate, although steps are being made to regulate such a system, it is very difficult to do so, as there are many ways to the top of the mountain; just like that, there are many ways to cure a human being from their misalignment, each way has its limitations or expenses or time frames – this should be consciously understood.

Please share this post if you find it helpful – it is intended to create awareness of all respectable medical systems, and all have their positions in society (western and eastern), and both will play a major part in evolving our individual health as well as global health.


“medicine is taking away suffering” – Unknown



Emotional Balance: Key to Health and Beauty – How to

Emotional Balance for health and beauty


We all have heard of fixing your diet for physical beauty – even exercise for beauty and health – but rarely people talk about emotional health for beauty and health, when your emotional state directly dictates the exact way the hormones in your body will react, respond and release, it should be put on the important must know skills to manage.

Yes you read correctly – when you are happy, your body releases hormones differently to when you are stressed or depressed or any other negative emotion. There really are only two types of emotions, one that feel good, and what that don’t – and the body releases hormones accordingly – thats why when you have a hormone imbalance, or you take steroids, your emotions are simply out of your control – this is no secret, those two are strongly connected. This is at least a better explanation of emotions in a scientific way, than this article here: http://www.sciencedaily.com/articles/e/emotion.htm

It is also known and understood, hormones are a large part in your health and looks – if your hormones are imbalanced, believe it or not, it will affect even how your face looks – from bright and lively to dull skin and dead looking hair to shiny eyes and vibrant health and breathing all play a part when it comes to hormones.

So now that you know and understand how important emotional health and emotional balance is – how do you stay in this emotional balance in your turbulent lifestyle?

In our old posts – we talked about “Healing from a Broken heart” – in a similar way, we can use knowledge to help emotional stability. So knowledge that everything will be okay, but in more detail (if you need to go in detail), to the knowledge that exercise and going out for a long walk in the forest will help you recover and stay emotionally balanced – it sounds like work, but when you get into the habit of doing this, it becomes part of your nature as your neurology gets rewired on how it handles situations.

Emotional balance comes from understanding everything will be okay in the bigger or smaller picture (whichever works) – even if you still feel its not going to be okay, realize that, in a more emotionally stable state, you can handle the situation better, so it is still better to stay in a state of emotional stability, and do your best in the given situation – it really still does turn out perfect.

There are people who think too much which affects their emotional stability – for those, it is better to focus on activities like drawing, or activities difficult enough which require full attention of your mind so you don’t think other things – usually a mental game, perhaps one on your iPad if you have one – or your phone – anything to get your mind off from things that you worry from, will help build your neurology differently – and you will be happier as a person for sure as you don’t focus on things that you don’t need to.


33 Ways to Naturally Stimulate Hair Growth

what stimulates hair growth naturally


Men and Women today face hair problems – thinning hair, not thick enough, and constantly find products or creams or pills, anything, to help stimulate their hair growth (naturally or otherwise) – but are there ways? and if there are, how come we still have bald people walking around?

Yes there are ways to stimulate and naturally grow thicker hair – but the reason we still have bald people around is because some people don’t mind it, some people are not aware that there is a way around it, and lastly, but most importantly, many are simply too lazy to upgrade their lifestyle and incorporate enough changes to create the change.

The issue with natural healing is, you need to upgrade your life style – no one product, herb or medicine will help for sure, or if it helps, then its not going to keep helping after a few years – there needs to be a constant effort from your side on keeping up with the methods listed below – if you haven’t already read you, please read our article on 10 ways to naturally thicken your hair as this article builds upon the one now.


1. Belief and Mindset

Before you even start reading below, you must understand, if you approach something with skepticism, you are trying to tell someone to come in, with a locked door. The least you can do is open the door and at least see that there is a possibility of healing – most people who never get results are people who simply don’t want to believe for one reason or another – or make excuses of the reason why their hair thinning is occurring in the first place.  Believe it or not, but the way you think, directly affects your DNA and its expression, and sadly, self fulfilling prophecy does exist – so I suggest opening your mind, and think in the terms of, everything is possible, you just don’t yet know how.


2. Circulation of the Blood to stimulate hair growth 

The bottom line of all illnesses is blood circulation. Most people simply do not do enough exercise (or the right type of exercise). I often see people only doing one type, either they do only yoga, or only weights or even only jogging – the human body has various muscle fibers that needs all types of exercise it can get; and this is what everyone needs to incorporate into their lives, at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes at a time. Without this, herbs or other supplementation will not even work by 10%. So move it!

Scalp massage as already mentioned in the previous post is the key to stimulating hair growth due to increased circulation, detox and anti-inflammatory effects – scientific study here shows that increased circulation key to hair growth by up to 70%.


naturally stimulates hair growth


3. Diet and Food

I do not refer to dieting as in calorie constricted diets – I talk about the diet you eat everyday – the type of foods you eat. Ideally, the protein diet is the diet that everyone could do with being on – being on it for even for 2 weeks already rids the body of its addictions in food. Our protein diet also resets and balances the hormones – please read about it here in our article.


4. Emotions

For a healthy hormone balance, you must have a healthy emotional balance. If you think you can do one without the other, you are kidding yourselves – both are directly related with eachother and directly affect the other – an imbalanced hormone will always cause hair and skin problems no matter what. When a stressful situation arises, use logical thinking to get out of it – so for example, if your son failed their exam and has to reset, realize that its not the end of the world, and that it will not impact his happiness and well being if he puts his mind to it and learns from the experience.


5. Products for Stimulating Hair Growth 

We are always hesitant on writing about other products only because we rather tell you the hard and natural way, but since you are likely using bad products for your hair – it is essential that you change them for the better. SLS chemicals damage the hair follicles and the scalp is a place where toxicity is naturally built up (just because of its location on the body) – we recommend switching to light shampoos – and also adding the Taoist soap into your diet regime – to use it, you simply apply on the scalp by first applying on the hand, and then rubbing it on the scalp – this helps soothe the inflammation the main cause of hair loss.

Please read our review on the Taoist Soap here.


6. Supplements for Stimulating Hair Growth 

As we already talked about products above, it is important to mention that supplements can be taken to help support the hair growth factor – but not in the way most people think – most people just take a biotin supplement and think thats about it – but this will not help with stimulating new hair growth – what you need to support is your stress levels form rising, and taking a B-complex vitamin will help block out stress – buying the most expensive type of B-Complex Vitamins you can find (means higher quality) – they are still very cheap, and the best way to cope – studies show that balding men are often keeping in a lot of unmanaged stress – same goes for women with thinning hair.


thickening hair growth with natural methods


7. Meditation for Stimulating Hair Growth

You probably have never heard meditation and hair growth in the same sentence before; but meditation actually relaxes the tensed up muscles that you have on your face and scalp – they tense up over time, and you don’t actually realize that you are tensing them until you meditate regularly – your awareness of the tension in your body increases, and this allows you to relax every single muscle, and over time, your blood circulation increases (because muscles are not tense anymore) and this in turn increases your body’s ability in working on non vital functions such as hair growth and skin cell renewal.

There is a reason we put relaxing blue and green beach pictures on this post – to help you relax whilst you read this – many studies show that even looking at pictures helps sooth the mind and in turn the body.



Chemicals Everywhere – One Solution

Humans Part of Nature

When every single grain of soil is contaminated with arsenic, mercury and toxic chemicals from all kinds of pesticides – on top of that, we have genetically modified food and apparent chemtrails in the air – what does a human do to survive in this seemingly disgusting world? It can be depressing when you think of all these, and you don’t even want to take a bite out of your apple – when that same apple seems equivalent in how apparently bad it is for your body, just as the take away food down the street!

What is the solution to all this madness? Is there even a solution?


Yes there is a solution – but this is the wrong approach to understand it. Humans separate themselves from nature, thinking nature is one thing, and they are another – this is itself perfect thinking to create disease in the first place. You must understand, humans are not separate from nature. Once you understand that humans are not separate from nature, the next step is to understand, nature is not in trouble – no matter how many trees we destroy, or chemicals we release – nature is unaffected by all this and simply evolves to find a way to live and coexist with whatever is happening – that is what life is!

“Humans separate themselves from nature, thinking nature is one thing, and they are another – this is itself perfect thinking to create disease in the first place. You must understand, humans are not separate from nature….”

So what is the way forward from all this – what is the solution to the chemicals infecting our planet?


The solution is to coexist with our new environment – to understand, that this direction is part of the bigger picture, and to stop blaming the chemicals, the GMO foods and everything in-between – but instead, accept what has happened and what is continuing to happen, and ask, how do I coexist with these new changes that are taking place in my environment?

One good example is as follows: The chernobyl nuclear power plant accident that caused many to evacuate their homes – scientists said there won’t be any life there for millions of years, but only a few years later, a bacteria appeared that defused the radiation and spread it out, making radiation less dangerous, allowing plants to start growing and animals making a home there without any health problems.

A radioactive sign hangs on barbed wire outside a café in Pripyat.

The hiroshima nuclear blasts killed the entire city, scientists again said, no plants or animal life will be able to survive there for millions of years – although humans still suffer from it till this day, only a short while later, a plant totally resistant to radiation started thriving there in a very short time frame!

The same with oil spills in the ocean – animals surely died from them, but eventually, their bodies and immune systems upgrade, and they learnt to coexist with the chemicals in their environment. Every animal and plant life has been doing this for millions of years – some can call it evolution, some call it adaptation – but in simple human language “if it get’s cold, wear a jacket” kind of thing.


Does this mean I should eat GMO foods and go to places that are toxic for my body?


mutated flower DNA expression


No, you have to find the balance which is right for your body and frame of mind – each and every individual is different and has their own unique physiology and system of balance. Do what you can, to live healthy (whatever healthy means to you) – but also constantly study about health – if you won’t, and accept whatever it is that you know, that is when you stop growing; which is fine if that is what you want.


How does one coexist with toxins, they will eventually kill you or make you sick, won’t they?


Anything from pure water to cooked food can be toxic if taken in large enough doses; but the words “large enough”, is greatly dependent on your immune system. Most people today have weak immune systems (for one reason or another) as they do not do enough things to keep strong – from simple and basic exercise, to mentally challenging exercises as well as the foods that are eaten, lastly but not least, their emotion management. Many people who do exercise and think they eat right – still does not guarantee a powerful immune system, as the attitude towards life is also vital to your DNA’s expression.

The thought processes in our body have a direct impact on our DNA, and our whole bodies – if you simply stressed for 30 minutes continuously about something, your body would have released stress hormones all over; this is just one of many things that happens when you get stressed (mentally), so imagine what it would do over a lifetime of stress? It is now understood that DNA is constantly changing – a study concluded that DNA expression can change significantly only after 6 months exercise – click here to read the original study conducted.

So imagine, if you consciously took part, with your mind and body – improved your exercise every day, ate the right kind of foods to help you grow, detoxed your body regularly and worked on emotion and thought management, how fast will your DNA expression change, and how fast will your immune system improve!?

DNA expression and Exercise

Of course this requires a lot of commitment and hard work – and it will be hard to fit this in when others may not understand – this is why we ask you to share this article with all your friends and family and all social media sites you are on, as it helps us spread this message. If you are ready to do this – here are the details:

Exercise – this is not the typical exercise regime we are talking about. You don’t take protein shakes either. Ideally you want to be doing exercises like Yoga or even better, Qigong (sometimes also pronounced Chi Gong) – but not just any Qigong or Yoga, it has to be the extreme kind – where you hold postures for 5 minutes or longer per posture done – this is what trains the tendons and ligaments of the body and expands the nervous system from the inside out.

Nutrition – An excellent balance of nutrition needs supplements – times have changed, plants and animals do not provide as much nutrition as they used to – this applies especially to people who are not in good health because they will need this to upgrade their bodies immune system. The most nutritious meal I have come across is bone soup, but remember to make it taste good to your own unique taste buds (it makes it more medicinal) – but this does not mean eating junk food is medicinal because it tastes great – there is a difference, one makes you feel lousy and sluggish after eating, one does not.

Emotion – This is a new concept to the western world, but emotional management comes from understanding situations better – or realizing that outward extreme expressions of emotions is draining to the endocrine system of the human body. A balance of emotions is a better word for this category, as all emotions help us, but too much of one, is going to imbalance the system. One way of doing this, is when a bad situation happens, realize that emotional reactions won’t solve it, better to stay grounded, and figure out a way around it – this avoids stress, and waste of hormones as well as keeps you healthy.

The above done in combination will help upgrade your system to be in tune with nature – what more do you want?

Learning to coexist with wherever nature is taking us, is the single most powerful method of enjoying life, staying healthy and living life to the full – accepting that we, humans, are part of nature too; just like bee’s who make a bee hive and collect honey, we also make our homes, and grow our food, it is nothing different – yes, too much of one thing, for example intensive farming, has accelerated the process of change, which is a problem only for humans because they have to adjust to it – for the rest of life on the planet, it already has adjusted!

humans and nature coexist