12 Reasons why Salt makes you invincible

If you want to get vibrant glowing skin, a powerful immune system, indestructible organs, age defying bone structure, and, a timeless, youthful, healthy vibrant body, then read on.

I’m not trying to create hype about any ingredients here; I’ll leave that to the cosmetic industry to take care of. Salt is one of the most important ingredients for life (let alone for maintaining a healthy functioning body). You cannot live without it. But not all salts are the same; Today’s common table salt is very different from the natural salt we once knew. That’s because table salt goes through a number of refinement processes, which involve chemically stripping away essential trace elements, and changing the structure of the salt. In addition, potentially dangerous chemicals are added to improve the ability of table salt to pour (Iodine on its own is great, but when it mixed with salt, it is not good news for your body at all!).

So, what type of Salt?

The type of salt that actually has countless health/healing benefits is sea salt. I am resisting mentioning rock salt because most of the rock salt found in many supermarkets has actually been through some kind of refinement process and also has been treated chemically. So always look at the ingredients before buying any kind of salt (should only say salt, with the naturally occurring minerals).

As a general rule, the “sharper” the salt tastes, the worse it is – Bamboo salt used to be good, but due to malpractice in all bamboo salt companies, and the fact they dry the salt on plastic, has started making people very sick – so DO NOT BUY bamboo salt, it is actually bad for you due to the way they are currently making it – it is creating Dioxin from the heating (heat itself isn’t bad for salt, but the whole process these companies are using is creating this) – which can actually kill you even in smaller quantities over a period of years. 

bamboo salt

The best salt according to my research is sea salt, and here are the great benefits you can get from it – however, it is better if you roast the sea salt in the oven, for several hours, at the highest temperature you can, this helps remove impurities – Himalayan salt is not as good as sea salt, the pinkness from it.

1.Vital for Regulating Water content throughout your body (essential for skin and anti-cysts)

2.Needed for Promoting Vascular health

3.Increasing Bone Strength (Table salt actually harms bones and joints)

4.Balances your body’s pH level to optimal levels (Vital for fighting all diseases)

5.Reducing the signs of aging (Allows the body to regenerate itself)

6.Elevates Sinus Health

7.Elevating your Libido

8.Supporting Respiratory Health

9.Sleep regulating abilities

10.Anti-muscle Cramps

11.Vital for healthy blood pressure levels (unlike table salt)

12.Detoxification at a cellular level (removing all impurities from the cells) This is the most powerful health benefit you can ask for – as everything starts from the cells.

Catch 22 – Are these health benefits REALLY possible?

If you do a search online about the benefits of various types of salt, you will find an almost similar list to the one I just gave you. Are these health benefits really possible?

Well, yes and no. Here’s why:

If you threw away all your table salt (iodized salt), you may get a lot of benefits from doing so; however table salt is present in all processed foods we eat today. From the basic bread we buy, to the cereals our children eat (including those health obsessed cereals) to the very restaurants we visit, all, are using industrialized table salt. If you stopped buying all processed foods, and literally lived on foods you make from 100% raw ingredients, then I can say that you will experience the maximum extent of  those health benefits.

But I don’t have the time to make my own food…


Not to panic. There is no harm in going out to restaurants and eating the salt they have in their foods. As long as the majority (80%+) of your diet has natural salt, as well as natural ingredients, you are doing great. What I’m saying is: moderation. Make sure your processed foods are at a bare minimum, and eliminate them from the boundaries of your home; you won’t be tempted to go for a fast microwave meal when there is “Nothing to eat”, instead you will go for the fruit or cook a meal from scratch (you will, wont you?).

You already know that your body is capable of fighting high levels of unhealthy eating; after all, you are alive today; But over time, continuous neglecting of your health will surely result in a manifestation of some kind of disease, or as we call it today: Aging. That is why I suggest in minimizing all processed foods, knowing that the ideal is eating no processed/chemically treated foods, let alone processed salt.

It’s understandable that you will not go from eating 90% processed foods per day, to 0%. That is why; I suggest you see this like a journey. Just like a primary school student that cannot go from that, to a Harvard Graduate in one day, the same applies to your levels of ideal salt/food intake.If you knew how to reach your ideal, wouldn’t you give it your best to reach it?

That’s the question I leave for you to answer. It’s a personal choice; my job is to present you with the ideas and tools that you can leverage to your advantage for optimal health.

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  1. Hi Ive tried downloading the Yoga & Qigong Secrets for Advanced Detox and Body Renewal ebook but the link is inactive.

    Would you be able to advise how I can get hold of this book ?

    In addition, would you pls advise as to whether celtic salt and Himalayan salt are the same ?

    Kind regards,


  2. Dear Naz,

    Celtic salt is not the same as Himalayan salt – as they come from different sources. However, your still safe as long as the salt is not iodized salt, you are safer.

    I have changed the code for you – go to the eBook page and you will need to enter your email address in the newsletter box and the eBook will be delivered next day to your mailbox.

    Thank you for your comment and interest – it is good to see more and more people caring about their health.

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