8 Ways to Naturally Lose Weight


There is so much misinformation on the internet about weight loss; more than enough to confuse the heck out of anyone looking for top weight loss secrets. Weight loss needn’t be hard; anybody can do it. Here’s how:


Why lose weight?

Have you ever thought of that? Why do you want to lose weight? I know it sounds like a strange question to ask, but really ask yourself why. Get a piece of A4 paper and fill it up with all the reasons you want to lose weight. Go on, do it; bookmark this article if you don’t have time, but do this exercise before continuing to read. Write up all the reasons on why you want to lose weight. It doesn’t matter if you think it sounds stupid, you don’t have to share it with anyone. Make sure you fill the whole A4 sheet.

I believe that if a person has enough reasons to do something, they will do it. No matter what it takes, how long it takes; THEY WILL DO IT.  This is a fundamental step to reaching any of your goals, let alone weight loss.


Attack your biggest enemy. Only you have the answer to this. People fail in their diets and goals in reducing weight, and keeping it off, only due to one reason; they try to do too many things in one go. If you want to defeat fat, you defeat its sources. Ask yourself the following questions (they are just to get you started):

          Do I stay at home all day?

          What is my physical activity level compared to another person?

          Do I have a weakness in food or drinks that I know are bad?

Eliminate the one weakness you think you have. If you stay at home all day, but don’t eat much, you know what you have to do; you already have written the reasons why. For some people, it’s a mix of everything, which is perfectly fine. Just pick one weakness, and attack it with all you got. Don’t try to attack everything; you don’t have that much energy. This way, that weakness will be gone for good. Succeeding to do this will also greatly strengthen your will power, which is vital in reaching any goal. For example, some people just need to eliminate all fizzy drinks from their diet, and they already start losing weight. This is the power of focused elimination; pick on one, and remove it from your diet.

Clean yourself up

If you wanted your car to function at its best, you would make sure it burns fuel efficiently. Otherwise the car starts releasing smoke, clogging up the internal system of the car; and over a period of time, uses up more fuel to do the same functions as it did when it was new.

If you want to allow your body to let go of the fat, you have to lubricate it so that fat loss is easy. One of the best ways to do this “lubrication” is by detoxifying. There are various methods of detoxification out there; the most powerful one I tried was detox herbal tea. Drink it several times a day, before and even after meals. It not only will reduce your appetite greatly, but also clean your entire system out, making you feel energetic and happy. I recommend getting lose leaf herbal detox tea that has a mixed variety of herbs and roots.

Go to the mountains and… MEDITATE

Stress is the biggest cause of illnesses worldwide. It also causes the body to hold onto fat, due to the stress hormones. I know you might think meditation might not affect your fat loss goals; but what I’m saying here is to take time out every day to focus on non-thinking. Relaxing will not only speed up fat loss, but also make you look 10-20 years younger.

An apple a day…

Apples are not only handy and easy to have regularly, but also very good for you. The fibre will boost your metabolism. Have it before every meal; and it will kill your appetite. Not only will apples increase your weight loss, they will make you younger; thanks to its anti aging properties. Don’t take my word for it, Google it.



Water will boost your metabolism, and speed up fat loss. It will help detoxify the whole body and your skin will keep hydrated. However, don’t flood your body with water; eat water rich foods. Yes, I’m talking about fruits and vegetables. Water in fruits and vegetables is much more pure. Water rich foods, especially watermelons and melons are a great source of pure water. When the body is dehydrated even by 0.05%, it can have a great impact on how it functions; including weight loss.

Focus on health, NOT weight

Whenever you eat, focus on health rather than weight loss. This means eating natural unprocessed food. Personal development leader Steve Pavlina did a trial on his blog for eating raw food for 30 days. The results were amazing. Not only did he go through some intense detoxification; but also felt he could eat so much more and still lose weight. He actually forced himself to eat more to meet his caloric requirements. His energy levels and mental concentration went up substantially.

I’m not saying start eating 100% raw. Just increase the amount of raw unprocessed foods; you will notice a big difference in energy levels and the speed of healthy weight loss.

Exercise with attitude

You don’t need to join a gym to have a healthy exercise regime. Some people may find it too uncomfortable joining a gym. You have to realize that losing weight requires a change of life style; therefore requires the right attitude towards it. Just adding a 20-30min brisk walk in your routine will benefit you greatly.

Lots of people ask me tips and advice when it comes to exercising and losing weight. When I do tell them, they never seem pleased with the answers. They make up excuses that they don’t have the time to exercise regularly. I heard this excuse not only from people around me, but also caught myself saying it. Yes you can get caught up with other things; but sit down and make time. Imagine your end result; of already having your ideal body. Live with that thought, and exercise with that thought; speaking of which, I come to my last and very important point…

Use the Law of Attraction

Use the law of attraction. Imagine yourself already achieving your perfect healthy beautiful body. If you are in a negative state, no matter what you are thinking, you are asking for more of exactly that. Besides, being in a negative state is not the most resourceful state to be in. If you keep thinking, that it is a miracle for you to lose weight; then it WILL be a miracle if you lose weight! Let those thoughts go; start fresh and focus on what you want, in a way, which makes you feel that you already have it. This may sound strange to some of you sceptics out there, but there is no harm in trying it. It will only make you feel good.

I have given quite a few points for you to work with. You may chose to pick the ones that most resonate with you; as that will keep you in the most resourceful state of being. 

And remember, always stay positive no matter what your goal is, weight loss, or climbing Mount Everest.

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