Can you use Hypnosis to Grow thicker Hair?

The power of the mind can be used to heal the body, and regrow and thicken hair back to its original, youthful state. Before we get into if hypnosis can work for this, you need to understand that when you want to rejuvenate your body from an alignment (be it hair loss or more serious health problems), working from simply one angel is not enough.

So if you are considering to use hypnosis for growing thicker hair, realize that this is just one of the many tools that need to be incorporated – the secret is to use tools from all three aspects of the human body; which are, the mind, body and spirit.

“…the secret is to use tools from all three aspects of the human body; which are, the mind, body and spirit…”


How do you incorporate tools from all three aspects of the mind body and spirit for regrowing and thickening your hair?


There are many ways, but here are some examples:

Mind: This is where hypnosis for hair growth can be used in your intention to thicken your hair. The mind has a direct affect on the human body (some you are aware of, some you may not be aware of). An example is, when someone tells you bad news, your heartbeat generally goes up and your adrenaline glads release hormones! With just a thought, you physically caused a change in your body!

Body: This aspect applies to all physical things like changing your diet dramatically. If your body has to work less to get the nutrition it needs, secondary functions of the body get restored (like hair and nail growth). One way of allowing your body to work less, is to eat more raw foods, as the food is not oxidized, your body does not have to work so hard to process it. Exercising also comes under this category as it can help blood circulation to vital organs, improving their ability to work effortlessly.

Spirit: This can be difficult to understand for many people, but your spirit is like the roots of your body, whatever happens in the spirit, will happen in the physical as well. If you have negative thinking, and allow yourself to get affected from this, it will only greatly slow your progress to healing anything. Regular meditation on simply observing your thoughts (rather than stopping thoughts) comes in as a very powerful tool to overcome any problem, be it physical (hair loss) or mental (smoking addicting).

Yes, you can use hypnosis to grow thicker hair! Use it as a tool, rather than the only method of reaching your health goals.

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