Stop Hormone Imbalance Naturally and Surely

stopping hormone imbalances for men and women


Hormones can make us look and feel younger but also over worked and tired – they are what keeps and renew many aspects of our body – its not just testosterone or estrogen which are commonly known hormones by the average person; insulin and thyroid also are in this category – imbalance of hormones can also result in issues like hair thinning and bad quality skin as well as dulling of the eyes (you will know if you paid enough attention).

So what are the ways to naturally reset and balance the hormone system in men and women?

One very powerful method is by eating a certain diet; this diet does not really have a name, but is often referred to as the protein diet; and it involved eating only lean protein and dark green leafy greens, nothing else. All sugars are banned in this diet, and sugar is defined as fat, carbs, alcohol, sauces, fruit and everything that even remotely tastes like sugar – so everything is banned except lean meats, centered around beef (but not minced meat unless you mince it yourself and know that there is no added fat).

Beef is the priority meat over the other meats, but you can still have lamb, chicken, duck and even white fish (not salmon and other similar fish however as they are very fatty) – remember, you can’t have the skin parts of these as they also have fat.

naturally reset hormone system of men and women

So why is fat the enemy?

Fat is not the enemy – but the body uses the fat and sugars and even carbs to create hormones in the body; this affects the body if you have been eating a certain pattern of sugars which create a hormone imbalance – one powerful way to correct it is to stop eating all forms of fat – even one drop of fat will restart the hormone production and we want the internal hormone system to stay quiet for long enough (1 to 6 months and even up to a year for serious cases) so that the body adjusts itself to normal and balanced.

Its not that eating fat, carbs and sugars is bad; but often over consumption will lead the body to so many issues in the body, the only natural way is to fully stop eating all fats and sugars until the body resets – it is like fasting, but for the full hormone system of the body; in fasting, you give a rest to your stomach and don’t eat anything for a certain amount of time, this helps renew the stomach, with this diet, you help renew the hormone system as the body will be craving sugars and fat to produce hormone, but you are not providing it, and allowing the body to rest rather than always be flooded with all kinds of fats and sugars; if it is has nothing to do, it starts renewing itself and repairing anything that needed repairing but was not able to due to constant flow of sugar.

Another reason fat and sugar are removed from the diet, is that, they are the foods that inflammation feeds from; and inflammation is the root cause of most diseases; if this is handles well, inflammation simply cannot occur.

The best thing about this diet is – you look great after the diet. You lose weight too! But this is not the goal of this diet, just a side affect of not eating all those sugars and carbs.

News: Junk Food Addicted Rats Rather Die than eat Healthy


In a series of tests conducted over three years, rats addicted to junk food starved themselves to death, rather than eat healthy food (when junk food access was blocked, and only healthy food access was given) –  (published in the journal Nature Neuroscience).

The research strongly suggests that many modern humans also suffer from junk food addiction; however scientists indicate that unlike rats, all humans with access to junk food do not become obese (as in the case with rats); saying the cause of this difference could be the influence of health knowledge and social pressure humans posses.



Can You Use Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Body Sculpting?

Using Self-hypnosis for physical change can sound crazy to many people; after all, how can listening to a voice, physically affect your body (such as weight loss or body sculpting)?

The mind, body & spirit connection is often ignored when it comes to finding a solution to any kind of problem; even scientists are aware of various levels of mind-body connection, such as the placebo effect; a phenomenon where a patient’s condition improves from an ineffective treatment (a fake pill); only due to the patients perception that the treatment works (Note: physical change occurs ONLY due to perception).

The placebo effect takes place unconsciously, without the patient consciously controlling their thoughts and perceptions – if these patients can consciously control their perceptions at a higher level, could we can extend natural healing a step further? This is where hypnosis can play a part – if done correctly.

Hypnosis can allow you to change your thoughts; then direct them towards a certain goal, such as weight loss. This can further be enhanced by regular basic meditation – FACT: Regular meditation can permanently change your brain waves causing increased focus even when not in a meditative state.

There are many ways hypnosis can help you lose weight:

– Lowering appetite for certain foods

– Lowering overall appetite

– Increasing hunger for healthy foods (vegetables that you might not like)

– Increasing metabolism (just by directing thoughts, as experienced in the placebo effect)

– Enjoying Exercise

– Relaxing (therefore decreasing stress hormones that prevent you to lose the last few pounds of weight)

The hypnosis programs I personally recommend (because I use them myself) are from Hyptalk and DeepTrance – Both are fantastic value for money – for the first one, you can listen to sample recordings before buying; for DeepTrance you can get free full recordings after you subscribe to their newsletter (Zero spam).

As with all goals, always remember to combine mind body and spirit – this is the fastest way to achieving your goals. So in this case, hypnosis and meditation is mind and spirit; add some body to it, exercise regularly; focus on eating healthy instead of counting calories – and most important of all, have fun! Enjoying the journey is just as vital as reaching your goals.



How to be a hottie

Just like how modern society handles it’s health problems, by covering up the symptoms; the fashion and make-up industry head towards covering up the apparent “flaws” the human body seems to have – in both cases, fighting a losing battle.

“…if a baby cries for food, would you tape over it’s mouth, just so it stops crying?….”

It remains a mystery why this approach is still in existence; if a baby cries for food, would you tape over its mouth, just so it stops crying? this is exactly what you are doing when you put make-up over your face because of bad skin, or take an aspirin to cover up a headache.

If the above paragraph sounds like you, then you need to consider changing your approach; this means tackling the issue from its source and not covering up the symptoms (be it powder for bad skin, or pharmaceutical drugs for depression).

Scientists already know, attractiveness in a human is measured by the individual’s level of health; using this, we can safely say, that raising one’s health to optimal levels, is the best way to become “a hottie” (hehe).

Look at yourself as a trinity of mind, body and spirit – you cannot simply focus on your body (eating right + exercise) and have a cloudy mind with unstable thoughts (mind, body & spirit) and emotions; or have no alone time for reflection on your goals (mind, body & spirit) and intentions.

For Example: Let’s say that you eat right and exercise 2-3 times a week, which in turn affects your mental clarity to some extent because of the mind-body-spirit connection; despite that, you lose your temper several times a week – this will damage your physical body (very angry = increased heart rate = high blood pressure = organ damage) which counteracts your goal of health (and being a hottie); after all, if the body (eating right, and exercise) can inflict changes to the mind (such as mental clarity), the mind can also inflict changes in the body.

An example of an aligned plan for reaching optimal health could be – exercising and eating correctly (body) whilst meditating (spirit) to stabilize your thoughts and emotions; and learning (mind) from your experiences as well as others, about health then deciding to focus on a specific routine.

As you can see, reaching optimal health is just as much a science, as it is an art. This is why it is important to combine latest scientific research with ancient health practices to guide you towards a vibrant mind, body and spirit.