5 Reasons Digestion Begins in the Mouth

Digestion really does begin in the mouth; the reason that chewing your food properly is vital to a healthy long life –  credit goes to the article “Does the number of times I chew impact my digestion?” for pointing out the following vital points:

1 – Saliva contains enzymes that must mix with food to aid in digestion

2 – Chewing signals the gastrointestinal system to trigger the rest of the digestive process in the body

3 – Chewing relaxes the lower stomach muscles, which is important to allow the food to pass through into your small intestine

4 – Incomplete digestion can lead to bacterial overgrowth and other indigestion symptoms (not that pleasant)

5 – I would like to add that many scientists agree that a persons digestive health, can be a big factor in determining their life expectancy – interestingly enough, in Traditional Chinese medicine, the stomach is where life force is absorbed and stored.

The lesson here is to chew your food slowly, and thoroughly – its even more enjoyable!

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