5 Reasons Digestion Begins in the Mouth

Digestion really does begin in the mouth; the reason that chewing your food properly is vital to a healthy long life –  credit goes to the article “Does the number of times I chew impact my digestion?” for pointing out the following vital points:

1 – Saliva contains enzymes that must mix with food to aid in digestion

2 – Chewing signals the gastrointestinal system to trigger the rest of the digestive process in the body

3 – Chewing relaxes the lower stomach muscles, which is important to allow the food to pass through into your small intestine

4 – Incomplete digestion can lead to bacterial overgrowth and other indigestion symptoms (not that pleasant)

5 – I would like to add that many scientists agree that a persons digestive health, can be a big factor in determining their life expectancy – interestingly enough, in Traditional Chinese medicine, the stomach is where life force is absorbed and stored.

The lesson here is to chew your food slowly, and thoroughly – its even more enjoyable!

My Story – Reaching Ultimate Health and Human Potential

As a teenager growing up – I read a lot of literature on different religions; it was the only way to feed my hunger on exploring the possibility of unknown human potential, and perhaps a guide on how to get there. After all, conventional science requires you to have “evidence” that can be recorded in a certain limited way – anything outside it, is a “myth” – this is where science CAN be limiting.

Being a teenager, I had my own ups and downs as any regular teenager would, including hating the way I looked. I hated my physical body – the self hate was so extreme, it was beyond surgery – I felt it was “unfair” that nature would create me (or another fellow human) as someone inferior, by looks,  by personality or by any other “measure” we have invented today.

All religions I read about, said God created man equal – especially my birth religion of Islam – but then how can people view me as inferior? (At the time, my belief of God was that of a separate entity, disconnected from us).


Whilst watching a TV show (BBC) on weight loss about a lady losing weight, I thought to myself, just another fat loss story – losing weight may make you thinner, but would not “add” to your looks – my self talk was very judgemental, but it was my blessing (in its own way) – why?

Because 2 weeks into her regime, she had completely transformed! I don’t mean her weight loss (which was very minimal), It was the changes on her face and skin – she suddenly had the warmth of youth that we all have as children; her eyes were bright, and sparkly – If it was a photograph of her, I would not have believed it – even if she was wearing make-up (or entirely different clothes), I would not have believed it – this was something unseen, and I was wondering if anyone else is seeing what I am seeing – this women, which my negative self talk judged as “unattractive”, suddenly become beautiful!

This is when I realized why all humans are equal – because we have the power inside us, to create. I won’t say more than this – the deeper message in this post will remain for you to discover – I wouldn’t want to spoil your own journey, just like I wouldn’t want to be told the plot to a film I’m about to watch.

5 Ways to Stop Ageing and Rejuvenate Your Cells


Approaching 25, many women start “feeling old” – Men approaching 40 are known to have a mid-life crisis – What most don’t realize, although they cannot physically stop the hands of time, you can physically stop the ageing of your cells which is done by reversing biological ageing.

1. Eat foods rich in Zeaxanthin and Astaxanthin

Spinach and Kale have both been found to contain the highest concentrations of Zeaxanthin, whilst microalgae, Salmon and Shrimps contain the highest concentrations of Astaxanthin.

If you have not heard of these Super-Antioxidants; its okay – Vitamins were only discovered 70 years ago – These super-antioxidants are also newly discovered – my personal experience with eating spinach has proven this, besides what other reputable health sites are saying:

“Astaxanthin and Zeaxanthin reverses toxic damage to your organs, skin and nervous system. Technically, it pauses aging beginning at the DNA molecular level” – Health Myths


2. Eat less Calories

Countless studies have been done in many different scenarios to prove that animals that eat lower calories live longer; besides, why else do you think the average women lives longer compared to the average man? They are always on some kind of calorie reduction diet thanks to our media industry (hehe I am half kidding here).

Another method of eating less calories is simply eating raw foods – which also has the added benefit of not being oxidized from the process of cooking; so the super-antioxidants you do take are even more effective as they have less work.



Fasting not only detoxifies your system, but it also activates human growth hormone release (HGH); this is the hormone that renews the whole body (from skin cells, to organ cells within the body).I heard that some Buddhist monks eat only in the morning, and don’t eat anything else until the next morning.


4.Take a Chill pill

Perfect nutrition and exercise is not going to be enough for reversing age – you need the “mind” aspect of the mind body & Spirit to work towards this as well – so if your eating and exercising perfectly, but worrying about your bills, or if you will pass your exams – sorry, but your still contributing towards your own destruction; anxiety, trauma & stress cause hormonal damage – hormones are what repair and renew the body, need I say more?

Maybe look into meditation?


5. Take long deep SLOW breaths


Its true – taking long, deep, slow breaths not only detoxifies your body (by activating the lymphatic system), but also reduces your heart rate; a reduced heart rate generally means a longer life.  Make sure to breath into your stomach, not into your chest – so your stomach is what expands and contracts, not your chest.

There is an old saying (I think from China or Korea) about being able to predict someone’s death just by the observing how they breath – it starts from stomach breathing (usually when you were a baby) goes up to chest breathing (chest expanding and contracting), and eventually your “breath” comes out of your body (death).



Why Age is really just a number – Health Secrets Revealed!

I don’t understand why health professionals use physical age to measure someone’s health; how many beats your heart should beat, what symptoms are “natural”, based on your age (back aches, bone aches, death? etc); this method of calculating ageing may sound logical, but how accurate is it? is this method preventing you to seeing other possibilities?

Think of physical age – its just a theory that says “after 365 days, I will be 1 year older” – older being defined as someone with a weaker immune system, weaker health and less physically attractive.
Let’s say if the above is accurate, why do we have people that are 40 years old, but look like they are in their 20s? Why do we have older athletes that outperform younger ones?

The picture below is of Araceli Gonzalez – a model and actress from Argentina – she is over 40 years old and has a 20 year old daughter. Would you say she has a weak immune system? (I’m not saying younger looking people have a powerful immune system, but I’m saying its very unlikely)


So, what is a better way to calculate age?

Its called biological age; this measures the damage to your body already done by attempting to look at your eating habits, exercise routines as well as mental health – remind you of anything? ( mind, body and spirit)

Don’t go off searching for “biological age calculators” as they are not accurate – the only biological age calculator that you can use is YOU . Not a doctor, not a psychic, but you! (it is your body, right?) How do you do that? Short answer: meditation.

“With this increased level of consciousness, you are able to SEE yourself, and heal yourself and live a quality life that every human being deserves”

Long answer: Thankfully for you sceptics (who I love!), there is a ton of research done on people who meditate regularly – they look 10-20+ years younger than people who do not – and generally live longer too!

What do I mean by meditation?

Meditation is not just sitting on a rock in lotus position and thinking nothing (although that sounds soooooo good).

People seem to miss the point whenever the topic of meditation arises – meditation changes your brain physically as well as your brain wave activity, permanently; this has a direct effect on the body (remember, mind-body connection?) The effects include:

– Steady awareness of your body (how it reacts to food, environment and emotions)

– Increased awareness allows you to locate problem areas which are sometimes hidden e.g. an emotionally draining partner can be located and disposed! Foods that drain your body, rather than empower it, will literally FEEL that they are sucking out your energy!

With this increased level of consciousness, you are able to SEE yourself, and heal yourself and live a quality life that every human being deserves.