Hair Loss – The Ultimate Cure


Hair loss has been a topic of discussion (and even depression) for many years – lets get to the root of the problem.

Doctors till this day blame hair loss to genetics and say there is nothing you can do about it; this is not accurate.

“Whenever a pro says something is caused by your DNA, most people just let go and accept that it’s unchallengeable. That’s why they say it.”

That said, DNA still plays a role, but it does not mean it is not possible to reverse hair loss – just makes it slightly harder.

Besides stress and trauma (which damages hormone production), the only other reason your hair is thinning or falling out, is because of lack of blood circulation – this is the same reason your skin starts to wrinkle.

Cause? Arterial plague that builds up over time (yes, by eating LDL cholesterol, that later gets oxidized and hardens micro-capillaries)


Simple! Just increase your blood circulation to the problem areas by doing the following:

1. Massage your scalp with your palms (not finger tips); your palms are generally warmer, and massaging will increase blood circulation to the hair follicles (the center of the palm also has the acupuncture point where according to Traditional Chinese medicine, can direct energy).

2. Massage your scalp in hot running water (hot as possible; because heat causes the blood to rush to the extremities of your body, including your scalp).

3. Soak your head in salt water (Himalayan or kosher salt); make sure it is saltier than normal sea water, it will detox your scalp via osmosis and help increase circulation to the specific area.

Massaging brings energy to the area being massaged and rejuvenates the specific area; if this does not help, consider Taoist Soap – it is designed to remove scalp plaque that is blocking and minimizing blood circulation.

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  1. this is a great post !! i have to try this 🙂 last few months i have noticed my hair getting thinner and falling out a little plus creating little patches.. i will sure give this a try over the few months !! 😀 i will come back with my personal results and some form of review of what and how i did it 🙂 thanks !!

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