Secrets of the Salt Baths

epsom salt baths


Salt baths are one of the most underrated type of bath there is; the health benefits are countless – specifically of having epsom salt baths at home.

Having just a footbath (add at least 2-3 cups of epsom salt into the foot bath tub – this is more than usually heard of) can act like a third kidney – it makes your skin act like a kidney and detoxifies your body at a faster rate – this is even great for constipation but also people who have been feeling weak, and sluggish from overworking – people not only feel immensely relaxed after a 15-20 minute foot bath, there body is also gone through a mini dialysis, cleaning the body of toxins.

Here are some benefits in easy to read bullet points:

– Detoxifies the body, acting like a third kidney, re-energizing you the next day

– Its so powerful, if done 3 times a day, it is equivalent to blood dialysis (but natural!)

– Will make you feel more energetic, and look younger

– Help you digest food that has been in your stomach for too long

– Revitalizes the cells in the body and slowing down the aging process

– Can help with people suffering from thinning hair in the scalp (men or women) as it reduces inflammation and detoxifies the body

Having an epsom salt bath regularly is highly beneficial if you are feeling sluggish and cannot seem to get into the same energetic state you once were – this is often due to toxin build up, and just like anything, our bodies require this cleaning too – sometimes by baths, sometimes by eating much cleaner, sometimes by even fasting (although fasting and epsom salt at the same time is not recommended as this will weaken you considerably).

If you have circulation conditions of any kind, or a weak heart (like poor blood pressure), then consult a doctor before use and also reduce the time you will stay in the bath – so rather than 30 minutes, stay for 10 minutes first, and then see how you feel afterwards (as you will still feel its effects).

Points to Note

Making the Epsom bath salt saltier than the ocean is the key to getting results mentioned above. A lot of people just add a very small amount in their baths, and don’t see much results as they would normally.

Other types of Baths 

There are other types of baths like sulphur baths – this are also very beneficial; but they are not easily accessible by people as not everyone lives near a sulphur spring – but if you ever go on holiday, or feel like treating yourself to a proper detox session, then a sulphur spring bath is the way to go – they are natural springs where hot water with sulphur comes out from the ground – these are beneficial for all skin and hair disorders.