Taoist Soap Review – Does it Work for Hair?

Taoist Soap


There are various things one needs to know when looking for solutions to hair loss or if you are simply looking to thicken your hair growth naturally – treatment for hair loss is a little more complex when trying to find a natural way to halt the process. It is not easy to understand by someone who is so used to the western medicine concept of taking a pill and expecting the problem to go away – funny enough, this never happens even in western medicine, even though till this day, people are on the search for solving their problems by looking for “the one cure” that they take easily and it’s cured.

If this is the attitude towards any kind of healing, then you might as well forget it and not try – as nothing will result from such expectations.

The same comes with the Taoist soapit is a soap designed for hair loss problems (via tackling inflammation), skin problems as well as a powerful detox soap which can be used everyday – the skin and hair don’t need much to be taken care of and keep biologically young and healthy – but unfortunately most shampoo and skin cream brands don’t really go for this – their aim is to satisfy the temporary needs of the customer – which is to instantly look smooth and young or bouncy and full hair.

The problem with this approach is that it makes you think you are doing good for your hair and skin – but in reality, you are spreading a thin layer of fat, and inflating the hair strand, or skin cells – making the appearance of better quality hair and skin – over time, this will only speed up the aging process of the skin!

The Taoist soap does exactly what is needed to balance the skin and scalp – this includes helping stop inflammation on the topical areas too – and this is enough for all skin types to benefit from.

But does the Taoist soap really work or help with stopping hair loss?

Short answer: Yes

It works in many ways – and one must understand, as explained above – that you must do everything in your knowledge to help a certain condition.

For example, with hair thinning, you know that your health is not in ideal conditions when your hair starts to thin – you also know that it is partly genetics as well as environmental factors (your eating, your mental stress and others). Knowing these facts about yourself, you know that you can improve on your eating habits, you know you can improve your exercise regime and make it more sensible (4-5 times a week for 30 minutes for example).

If you already consider yourself a fitness freak and train 60 minutes many times a week – then maybe you need to combine yoga, aerobics and body weight exercises to increase the intensity – doing the same intensity (and type) of exercises is not health, nor is it helping your body in any shape or form – have you seen those joggers, all they do is run? I am sure you know that this is not a sign of health – overtime, it thins down the muscles of the body – this may be fine visually for many people, but internally their heart muscle is also thinning down – this is dangerous and also will result in heart disease!

The point is – balance. You have to find the right balance in the various types of exercises and diets and mental activity for your exact body type.

Some people are so consumed in stress, and over-thinking – they don’t even know they are stressed – because they think its a normal state of being – on top of that, they don’t think over-thinking, or thinking or mental activity affects the body in any way – but of course it does. It has a direct effect on the expression of your DNA, let alone the structure of it.

Yes, DNA changes to a large extent depending on your habits from eating, to how you think – in science, we even divide species that look exactly the same, simply down to their different behaviours and choices – the same applies in humans too.

So yes the Taoist soap works for stopping hair loss (in reference to the tests conducted on 900 men and women who significantly stopped their hair thinning problems) – but are you working to stop your own hair loss, or other health conditions you might be going through?

UPDATE March 2016: It seems that the addition of scalp massage done everyday, increases the effectiveness of the soap, as well as general hair growth. This has been reported by a study conducted with the soap, and various methods of hair growth.

Hair Soap, the True Way of Scalp Renewal

Have you ever wondered what people used before shampoo was invented?

Of course, from the title, you would have guessed – it is hair soap. And I am sure you would have also heard that soap is not good for your hair?

Truth is, shampoos were created as a convenience for people, and like most things that are created for convenience, there comes a cost to your health.

Salt used to be sticky in humid conditions, so to make it convenient, they iodized salt, so does not stick even in the most humid conditions – result, it causes sharp rises in blood pressure and is a major contributor to cellulite and general bad quality skin – normal kosher salt (or Himalayan salt, would not do this).

The same applies when it comes to hair – we have been lead to believe soap is bad, or shampoo is better because it is enriched by synthetic vitamins (better word for that is fake vitamins) – this is none-sense – just because you know vitamins are good for you, adding them randomly to a shampoo will not do anything.

When looking for a natural hair soap, that is actually good for your scalp, hair re-growth, and moisturizes your hair and scalp, you must make sure it contains natural ingredients – but this is only the first step. Companies have figured this out, and are selling all kinds of handmade soaps with natural or organic ingredients; thing is, throwing in random ingredients and making something sound natural does not mean its going to be good for the scalp.

Oil based and glycerin based soaps only give the feeling of freshness, that is why at Humancure, we recommend the Taoist Handmade Soap (found here: http://www.handmadesoapuk.org/the-taoist-handmade-soap-uk ), which is the only soap in the world that is not oil or glycerin based, and is used for hair and skin. Of course, that is if you can afford it – otherwise you can simply avoid the heavy shampoos and use basic clay based shampoos.