Yoga & Qigong Secrets: Advanced Detoxification & Body Renewal (Book)

I am happy to announce the release of the most powerful ebook on advanced detoxification!

IntroducingYoga & Qigong Secrets for Advanced Detox and Body Renewal

After years of eating food, your body’s digestive system starts to gather plaque, some of this plague manages to escape to your vital organs and arteries, further clogging and slowing down each organs ability to do its job; which is why as you grow older, you feel you have less energy (as well as the physical signs of ageing such as wrinkles and hair thinning/whitening).

“your sweat will stink because of all the toxins being released”


This 5 page ebook will show you secret teachings never before seen (only passed down within clan families) for removing this plague (and other toxins) from your entire body, in turn, rejuvenating your body.

The techniques in this ebook are SO POWERFUL that a 15-20 minute stretching session (you can apply these techniques with ANY stretching, yoga and qi gong) will start to make your sweat stink (temporarily of course) because of all the toxins being released!

Not only that, but when you next visit the toilet, you will excrete more physical waste than you thought you were going to! I’m not talking about a small increase in excretion, I’m talking about a significantly large increase where you don’t have to try to notice!

“…your stomach will actually feel a lot smaller after day 2 of doing just the first simple technique mentioned..”

This happens because all the physical waste that gets STUCK in your intestines (for months and even years!) finally gets released – your stomach will actually feel a lot smaller after day 2 of doing just the first simple technique mentioned in the ebook.

Do I need to know Yoga or Qi Gong to practice the techniques in this ebook?

NO – you do not need to know yoga or any similar system to practice these techniques. You can do these techniques whilst doing simple stretches, and still get the heavy detox effects described above.

Who is this ebook for?

This book is for anyone who is serious about taking care of their health and even just for their outward appearances (as detoxifying your body greatly affects how your skin, hair, eyes look). Below are just some people that will benefit, although this ebook will really benefit everyone (even children).

Fitness Athletes – may want to detox your body from the artificial shakes and supplements (that contain harmful preservatives) that you take regularly.

Models – having a detoxified body from the inside out helps TREMENDOUSLY for having beautiful hair, skin and vibrant eyes; things even make-up cannot compete with – it also reverses biological ageing.

Smart Health Conscious People – You already know that ultimate health is the real wealth, you already know that exercise and proper nutrition are good for you, but you also know that even the best of athletes don’t have a significantly larger life span than the average person – is there something missing? (Yes, Advanced Detoxification!)

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The techniques in the book also will help with:

Increasing blood circulation to every part of the body (new capillaries are created to reach where no blood has gone for years, yes, thicken your hair naturally)

Reducing Blood Pressure (removed plague built-up from arteries which increase blood pressure)

Hair Thickening: if your overall circulation improves, hair will naturally improve too!

Skin Renewal: Cellulite & wrinkles will fade if these techniques are regularly practised

Weight loss: Your body’s metabolism will go up, as it can perform better, using up the fat cells

Prevent illness: Your body’s immune system will be powerful enough to help prevent illness in the future

As I always remind my readers – reaching optimal health requires working on the mind, body and spirit – the techniques in this ebook are mostly “body” – so don’t forget the mind (e.g emotional well being) and spirit (e.g meditation).


5 thoughts on “Yoga & Qigong Secrets: Advanced Detoxification & Body Renewal (Book)

  1. Hey Giovanni,

    Your welcome! I am grateful to be taught these methods for detox so that I can pass them on for people who really need them. =)

  2. Hello,

    Firstly I wanted to thank you for posting this 😀 I eagerly signed up for the newsletter but have yet to receive the copy of the book, could you perhaps resend it?

    Thank you and hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

  3. Hi Rita!

    Thank you for subscribing, the mailing is set to auto-send for the next day – so you should get a download link tomorrow.

    Your welcome and thank you for subscribing, I hope the techniques in the book help you with your health goals,

    Happy Holidays to you too =)


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